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Welcome Back Wax Museum!

Dublin’s favourite interactive visitor attraction has a brand new home and our DublinTown Ambassadors got a sneak peak!

The Wax Museum Plus, located in the heart of Dublin’s city centre at 22-25 Westmoreland Street, has a whole new look and  feel. With more wax works than ever before (and more on the way), there’s never been a better time to visit.

There’s something special about the Wax Museum – It’s one of those Dublin institutions that every Dublin kid will remember from their childhood (their 4th class school tour to be more exact). How could you forget shaking hands with some of the worlds most famous TV and movie stars, or getting a photo on your disposable camera with the icons of music past and present.

Although many years have passed since then, Dublin’s Wax Museum has stood the test of time, and with a fresh new venue, we know this is an entertainment experience that the future generations will enjoy for years to come.

One thing you may not have known about this city centre attraction is that it is now open until 10pm – providing the perfect date night idea for those who are looking for a night out on the town… with a twist.

Walking through the Writers Room, where you’ll find the man himself, James Joyce with the best seat in the house, we got a sneaky preview of the brand new Wax Museum app, coming very soon… lets just say, you’ll soon be able to hear stories from the likes of Michael Collins and Brendan Behan, from their own mouths!

After a brisk walk through the Hotel Horror (honestly, I am a scaredy cat so I ran through with our eyes closed – watch our Instagram Story below if you dare), we ended up in the colourful surroundings of the Enchanted Forest. This is the stuff Irish myths and legends are made of! Delve into traditional Irish folklore, passed down through the generations and let your imagination run wild in a world of luminosity.

The National Wax Museum Plus offers a museum experience unlike any other, whether you are young or old, a culture vulture or fun seeker, male or female, star struck or star studded, The National Wax Museum Plus is the ultimate entertainment experience for all. Follow them on Facebook for more information or check out their website to see exactly what’s inside!

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