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Ultimate Guide to Art Galleries in Dublin

  • Tue, 29 May 2018

Dublin is quite the cultural city, full of things to do and places to visit. If you’re looking for a wonderful, quiet way to spend your, then take a walk through one of the many art galleries we have in town.

Whether you want to bring the kids, or want to discover new artists you’d not yet heard of, a gallery visit is the alternative plan to the cinema or hours of shopping. Gallery visiting is also ideal if you want to have a little me-time during the lunch hour, or perhaps take yourself out of the hustle & bustle of weekend shoppers. There are numerous art galleries to choose from, where a whole host of Irish and international artists have displayed their work for all to see. Plus, many of the smaller galleries have pieces for sale if you are looking for a new addition to your interior decor.

Dublin Art Gallery 1

National Art Gallery, Merrion Square

Naturally, one of the best to visit is the National Art Gallery of Ireland, located on Merrion Square. It has recently been renovated into an even more pristine building. Inside however, it still plays host to a wonderful collection of artwork, covering European artists from the 14th to the 20th Century. Artists include Mantegna, Titian, Monet and Picasso.

The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College

Set within the grounds of the famous Trinity College, the Douglas Hyde Gallery is a great spot for all to visit when in town. Small exhibitions are key here, with ethnographic and craft artifacts also on display, this gallery is a must-visit for contemporary art lovers. Artists include Sven Anderson & Gerard Byrne, and Juan Downey.

The Doorway Gallery, Frederick Street

If you are a fan of fine art by Irish locals and resident artists from abroad then The Doorway Gallery is the place to visit. From traditional paintings to photography, sculpture and printwork too, the array of colours and styles is both impressive and inspirational.

Doorway Gallery Dublin

The Molesworth Gallery, Molesworth Street

Known for their inclusion of contemporary art and sculptures, exhibitions at The Molesworth Gallery are second to none. It represents leading Irish artists and those who work within the country, who display their work in one of the eight solo or two curated group exhibition each year. Artists include Catherine Barron, Gabhann Dunne, John Kindness and Sheila Pomeroy.

Duke Street Gallery, Duke Street

A petite gallery just off Grafton Street, at the Duke Street Gallery you will find an eclectic mix of artwork from contemporary to modern and photography to abstract. Set within a bohemian Georgian house that is full to the brim with framed artwork and often sculpture too, this was once an exhibitor for John Lennon. Artists include 1916 Rising leader Joseph Plunkett, Anne Butler Yeats, Alice Hanratty and Eilli Billi Brahin.

Duke Street Gallery Dublin

Kerlin Gallery, Anne’s Lane

Tucked away into one of the lovely little side streets of Dublin is the Kerlin Gallery, which hosts commercial exhibitions and installations by contemporary artists from Ireland and abroad. Its airy two-storey building makes it an ideal location for up-and coming artists debuting their new collections. Artists include Dorothy Cross, Aleana Egan, Siobhán Hapaska, Isabel Nolan and Kathy Prendergast.

The Green Gallery, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

This may be a bit of a hidden gem, as it’s tucked away on the top floor of the iconic shopping centre at the top of Grafton Street. A permanent gallery where local artists can display their work, make sure to visit during a shopping trip then pop over to the food court for a well deserved coffee and cake.

Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square

One of the most impressive galleries is the Dublin City Hugh Lane Gallery, home to the famous Francis Bacon Studio. Here visitors can learn more about modern art as well as contemporary and a bit of experimental art from those who hail from Ireland and abroad. Artists inlcude Liam Gillick, Kathy Prendergast and Yinka Shonibare.

Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin