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Spring Is In The Air And In Our Treats!

With a new, brighter season officially here, it’s not just fashion that will see a switch to vibrant colours. The Baileys Treat Report 2022 predicts how we’ll be treating this season, with a selection of delicious delights that embrace bright indulgence and the ultimate Spring/Summer must have accessory…ice cream Cremellas!

Trends are a response to our cultural climate and treating is no exception. This season the fashion industry has predicted bright colours and we’re also set to see these trends influence our treats.

It’s time to throw on your sunglasses, as treating brings vibrant delights of Colour Maximalism. Imagine the colours in the brightest places on earth… the luminous blue of a tropical ocean on holidays or the vivid greens of a lush spring forest. Now, picture them on your plate – think aquamarine blues from butterfly pea flower tea or earthy greens from spirulina.

Whatever the weather, we’re a nation that loves ice cream, so the Cremella is set to be top of everyone’s treat wish list this year. A donut that’s halved, filled with ice cream and drizzled in an array of luscious toppings. This is everything a treat should be – playful and just the right kind of messy.

With the Cremella set to be this season’s most sought-after treat, Dublin-based Baileys co-conspirators Three Twenty ice cream lab, has dreamt up a truly decadent Baileys Strawberry Cheesecake Cremella that will be exclusively available in their  Drury Street store from Friday 25th March, for a limited time only. The Baileys Strawberry Cheesecake Cremella is the perfect spring treat – a pillowy fresh donut, that’s been grilled, halved and filled with luscious Baileys Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream then drizzled in indulgent strawberry coulis.

The ice cream delights don’t stop there as the Baileys Treat Report forecasts everyone will be Crazy for Cones. You can forget the days of tasteless wafers – the cone of 2022 means business, whether it’s swathed in a blanket of crushed nuts, made from charcoal or cones made from churros.

Compiled by Baileys with leading food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye and a cohort of global treat leaders, the Baileys Treat Report 2022 offers an in-depth look at the most exciting trends in treats set to shape our treating habits throughout the year.

There are brighter treating days ahead!

Discover the full report with even more treating trends here.