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Satisfy Your Seafood Cravings: Dublin’s Top Seafood Restaurants

Dublin’s seafood scene is deeply rooted in its history, with iconic figures like Molly Malone playing a significant role. Situated on the east coast of Ireland, Dublin has long been a hub for maritime activity, attracting fishermen and traders alike.

One of Dublin’s most famous symbols, Molly Malone, known as the “Tart with the Cart” or the “Cockles and Mussels” girl, embodies this heritage.

Legend has it that Molly Malone was a fictional fishmonger who plied her trade on the streets of Dublin, selling cockles and mussels from her cart. Although her existence is shrouded in myth, her presence looms large in Dublin’s cultural consciousness. Her iconic statue, located on Suffolk Street, serves as a reminder of Dublin’s bustling past and its enduring connection to the sea.

So, whether you’re in the mood for Dublin Bay prawns or smoked salmon, Dublin’s rich history and amazing selection of seafood have you covered.


The Importance of Freshness and Sustainability?
With Dublin’s seafood, freshness and sustainability are key concerns. Most seafood restaurants in Dublin prioritise sourcing the freshest seafood while also promoting sustainable fishing practices and ethical sourcing.


Dublin’s Must-Visit Seafood Restaurants

Sole Seafood & Grill

SOLE Seafood & Grill brings the taste of the sea to the heart of Dublin city. Located on South William Street.

SOLE Seafood & Grill offers the finest locally sourced produce including fresh oysters from coastal waters, Irish beef, smoked salmon from Howth and fresh Irish lobsters.

Rose Madre

Rosa Madre is one of the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in Dublin. They specialise in fresh fish, cooked to perfection.

Their fish is delivered daily by local suppliers, and they guarantee to always have the finest quality available. Seafood cuisine is characterised by the simple quality of the catch.


Kingfisher pride themselves on their fish! They have spent over 47 years perfecting their signature Fish and Chips and other classic dishes such as salmon, plaice, ray and sea bass in a variety of cooking styles that have had locals and tourists coming back to for generations.

If you don’t feel like dining in, they also have a takeaway option available.


Hawksmoor serves a broad range of seafood from shellfish to monkfish, all locally sourced. Out of all their seafood they are most recognised for their lobster.

Hawksmoor sources their Lobster from Niall Sabongi, who runs Sustainable Seafood Ireland. His native lobsters are up there with the best.

Cooked simply in wild garlic butter, with curly parsley, pernod and anchovies. It needs nothing else.

Fade Street Social

In The Main Restaurant at Fade Street Social, Dylan McGrath & his fantastic creative team have captured a menu designed to support the very best of homegrown produce. The food is assembled in an uncomplicated way that relies on its freshness to shine through as the real hero.

Ukiyo Sushi

Looking to switch up your seafood? Ukiyo is a must-visit! Known for its super fresh sushi in Dublin, this spot offers both lunch and dinner options.

And if you are a student, definitely give their sushi burrito a try during lunch.

Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White’s idea of simple is old school: elegant dishes prepared using the finest ingredients by chefs trained in London by Marco himself.

The deceptively simple menu demands every dish earn its place: the choicest cuts of meat, freshest fish, and classic sauces.


For three generations Beshoff have been serving Dublin with the finest fish & chips. They specialise in freshly prepared fish which is cooked to order, coated in our secret recipe batter, and served with hand-cut chips.

The Drury Buildings

The Drury Buildings offers a curated selection of small plates and sharing boards. The menu is inspired by the seasons and their produce is sourced from local suppliers and friends.

Their fish and shellfish come from Howth and Castletownbere.


Peploe’s has a diverse menu that offers a fusion of Irish, International, and European dishes; there’s a little something for everyone.

They’re proud that all their food is locally sourced and meticulously prepared with seasonal produce from Irish butchers and farms.

Whether you’re in the mood for fresher-than-fresh Roasted Halibut, or Taglioni of Market Fish & Mussels, you’ll find that and much more on their delicious menu.


Signature Seafood Dishes to Try in Dublin

Oysters & Guinness

One of the most famous traditional Irish seafood dishes are oysters and Guinness. The flavours blend surprisingly well. From the briny essence of oysters to the subtle bitterness and caramel undertones of Guinness, it’s a match made in heaven. Although the Irish have long savoured this duo, it wasn’t until 1837 that it gained official recognition.

A great place to try this dish is Bruxelles. Enjoy fresh Galway Bay oysters, with a pint of Guinness and a bit of live music!

Seafood Chowder

Irish seafood chowder is a hearty and comforting dish. Made with a rich base of creamy broth, potatoes, onions, and often including a variety of fresh seafood such as fish, shrimp, mussels, and sometimes smoked salmon or haddock, it’s a flavourful and satisfying meal. Irish seafood chowder is a beloved traditional dish enjoyed across Ireland.

SOLE Seafood & Grill makes one of Dublin’s best seafood chowders.


Dublin Bay Prawns were initially caught as unsolicited bycatch by trawlers in the northern Irish Sea, they gained commercial value in Dublin where crews sold them to street vendors for extra income. Despite their informal status, they became popular in the 1950s on Irish seafood menus, often served fried as ‘scampi’ with tartare sauce.

Fresh from Dublin Bay, Flanagan’s scampi is served with delicious fries and tartar sauce!

Seafood Platter

A great and delicious way to enjoy a range of Irish seafood is by getting a seafood platter. Great for sharing with a group of friends.

Enjoy a seafood platter at Davy Byrnes,  Anybody familiar with Dublin pub food, will be aware of Davy Byrne’s food reputation where seafood is the speciality.

The pub was also made famous by James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.

Leo Burdock

One of Dublin’s must-try places for seafood is Leo Burdock. Serving up the best Fish ‘n’ Chips in Dublin since 1913, this landmark is Dublin’s oldest chipper. The walls are lined with the more famous patrons who have waited their turn for greasy indulgence.

Leo Burdock himself, couldn’t have imagined how popular his name would become for his famous Fish and Chips, proof of this can be seen in Christchurch with the rarely ending queues and the frequent visits from Celebrities from the world of Politics, Literature, Hollywood Movies and Stadium Rock and Pop, and that, speaks for itself.

Just check out the hall of fame that can be found in their shop!


Seasonal Seafood Guides

In Dublin, the availability and sustainability of seafood vary throughout the year based on fishing seasons and environmental factors. Here’s a general guide to the best times of year to enjoy certain seafood in Dublin while aligning with sustainability practices and where to enjoy it:


Seafood Restaurant Awards and Accolades

Sole Seafood & Grill

– Best Seafood Restaurant at the Food Awards Ireland 2023

– Europe’s Best Luxury Seafood Restaurant at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2019-2023.

Davy Byrnes

-Open Table Diners Choice 2022

-Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2022

Marco Pierre White

-Best Restaurant Wedding Venue at the Wedding Venue Awards 2023 & 2024

Fade Street Social

Open Table Best Restaurant Dublin 2023


Pairing Seafood with Local Beverages

Muscles & Bru – Bar Rua
Fresh Muscles and Bru Irish stout – A dry Irish stout with notes of roasted barley, rich dark chocolate & chewy toffee. A perfect match.

Crab & Reisling Wine – Sole Seafood & Grill
The freshness of the wine will go heavenly with crab, preferably cold. SOLE’s Dressed Irish Crab pairs well with Pewsey Vale Riesling. The slightly zesty notes of Australian Riesling match the crab beautifully.


Sustainability and Conservation Efforts

Dublin’s seafood restaurants are stepping up their game when it comes to keeping things sustainable, sourcing all their seafood locally. It’s a win-win: good for the planet and still serving up great seafood dishes. Here are some of the things these restaurants have to say.

‘From shore to soil, provenance is paramount in producing a menu wealthy in the best of Irish seafood and meat. Our connection to our suppliers is key to our philosophy. We’ve taken great care and time to select the best quality produce, locally sourced where possible, and to grow a trusting relationship with our suppliers  to guarantee the best and to follow through the sea-to-SOLE experience.’ Sole Seafood & Grill

‘We work closely with our fish supplier Kish Fish, a family-run business since 1966, in sourcing sustainable fish where possible while maintaining a high standard of quality fish. We have a long-standing history with our fish supplier for over 44 years working together and they have always delivered us the freshest catch of the day straight off the boats in Howth Harbour.’ – Kingfisher

Hawksmoor source all their seafood from Dublin Bay to the Flaggy Shore, guaranteeing fresh fish served daily.


Conclusion and Looking Forward

In Dublin, it’s clear that sustainability is becoming a top priority for seafood restaurants, with a focus on sourcing locally.

Dublin’s seafood scene is constantly evolving, where you can find unique seafood dishes to traditional and comforting dishes.

So, if you’re in the mood for a taste of the ocean that’s fresh and vibrant and want to discover some of the history that goes with it, dive into Dublin’s seafood —you won’t be disappointed!