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Get your garden growing for Spring!

  • Thu, 21 Sep 2017

While most of us are bidding farewell to the summer and contemplating the arrival on Autumn/Winter the team at Mr Middleton Garden Shop on Mary Street in Dublin are busying themselves with thoughts of spring.

For those of you who didn’t know September / October is the prime planting season for flower bulbs and if you’re looking for flower bulbs you only need to visit one place and that is Mr Middleton Garden Shop on Mary Street. Mr Middleton carry the largest range of bulbs in Ireland and currently have over 1,000 different types of flower bulbs in stock –  including over 100 different varieties of daffodils and six different varieties of snowdrops! You are guaranteed to find varieties of flowers here that you will not find anywhere else. The top sellers include Allium bulbs and native Irish Bluebells.

We recently spoke with Mr Middleton himself – Thomas Quearney, who gave us lots of practical tips and advice.

Thomas explained that because of our climate Ireland is one of the best places in the World for gardening.  If you have never dabbled in gardening before Thomas says that planting flower bulbs is a fool proof way to start as it requires no expertise, but you do need to plan ahead. If you want flowers in spring you need to plant the bulbs in autumn.

For people with limited outdoor space or who live in apartments Thomas says that lasagne planting is the way to go. Lasagne planting involves layering bulbs in a pot. Start by planting some tulip bulbs at the bottom of the pot, then cover with compost. Follow this with daffodil bulbs and cover with compost. Finally plant crocus bulbs and cover with compost. Hey Presto,  you will have continuous flowers from February to May next year as the flowers will bloom from the top – down at different times!

Remember September – October is the time to get planting for Spring so our advice is to pop into Mr Middleton Garden Shop on Mary Street today. The team there will provide you with all the advice you will need to ensure your outdoor space is blooming lovely!

If you are a seasoned gardener and would like to get some advice from the experts Mr Middleton will host a One Day Garden Masterclass on Saturday, 30th September. For further information please click here

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