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Top 5 Places To Get A Burger in Dublin

  • Thu, 20 Jun 2019

Happy Burger Day! Celebrate today with the Top 5 Places to get a damn good patty.

1. Bunsen

My personal favorite, this baby packs flavor with classic toppings. The infamous index card menu emphasizes a focus on simplicity, as a burger should be. Catch me there on my lunch break.


2. P.Macs

If you’re looking for a good vibe and a drink to pair with your beef, P.Macs is your answer. This candle lit pub offers garlic and bacon parmesan fries; pretty damn unique. P.Macs

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

BACON. That is all. GBK

4. Mad Egg

More like Mad Good! These chicken burgers are crazy good.


A delectable bite on a brioche bun, WOWBURGER offers bacon and veggie burgers. Check out their Rainbow Shake for Pride!