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5 Avocado Dishes You Must Try

Avocados are a firm favourite here in the DublinTown office. They’re a versatile fruit which you can adapt to breakfast, lunch or dinner. We love them so much, we decided to create a blog post to share where you can get the best Avocado dishes in the city centre! Not a fan? Try one of these suggestions and you’re sure to jump on the bandwagon.

Balfes, Balfe Street


The Avocalado

Kicking off the list is this intriguing tropical craft cocktail. Avocado is used to replace the double cream and is combined with light rum, fresh pineapple and coconut syrup. Containing no cholesterol or sodium this is definitely a healthy avocado cocktail!


Yamamori Izakaya, South Great Georges Street


Smoked Salmon and Avocado

This dish is part of their Norimaki Specials. It is a sushi rice roll with locally sourced smoked salmon and paired with avocado, cucumber, baby spinach and cream cheese.

Pog, Bachelors Walk


The Goddess Salad

This salad will certainly have you on your way to feeling like a goddess with these healthy ingredients. Rocket, chicken, strawberries, cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette are the perfect accompaniment with avocado providing the ideal light meal.

San Lorenzo’s, South Great Georges Street


Avocado on Toast

San Lorenzo’s Brunch of Champions is well renowned for a few gluttonous items on the menu but don’t forget this simple but tasty avocado dish. With 2 poached eggs, buffalo mozzarella, char-grilled vine tomato and basil pesto to go with it, who wouldn’t want to order this?

Rustic Stone, South Great Georges Street


Our Vegan Desert

This light but satisfying desert is one not to be missed. An oat cookie is partnered with raw chocolate and avocado pudding, passion fruit sauce and fresh kiwi. Chocolate and avocado create the perfect naughty but nice relationship!

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