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5 Reasons to Buy a DineInDublin Voucher

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to get your Christmas present thinking caps on. The festive season is a time for loving, sharing and giving… but as time draws nearer, you’re probably thinking, ‘Uh oh, what will I do, time is running out and i have no clue what present to buy?’. 

The DublinTown team have come up with the perfect Christmas gift solution – the ‘Dine In Dublin Voucher‘.

So here’s 5 situations when a Dine In Dublin Voucher is the answer. After all, Christmas is a time for everyone to come together and what brings people closer – food of course!



Husband to Wife

Let’s be honest, there are two types of husbands. Firstly, there’s the ones that always run out of time. We call them gift givers.

Secondly, the husbands that really do put a lot of thought into their present, but sometimes, they just don’t get it right. This can result in ladies having to use their fake ‘oh i love it’ face (don’t lie ladies, we know you’ve done it before).

This year, let your wives take a break from their acting career with a Dine In Dublin voucher. You may think a voucher doesn’t show a lot of thought and effort, but you are terribly wrong. It shows your wives you want to spend one to one time with them, reminisce over a bottle of fine wine and some delicious food. We are telling you, dinner, drink and romance will put a smile on your lady’s face. A happy wife, is a happy life!


Fade Street Social

Wife to Husband 

Ladies, is your man is working too many late nights (or maybe it’s the other way around)? The Dine In Dublin Voucher sounds like the perfect present for you to buy. Clear a night in your hectic calendar and write ‘Dine In Dublin Voucher with my hubby’. Work should never come before love. It goes food, then husband, then work – yeah that sounds about right.

This voucher will bring you two together, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy each others company over a romantic meal. Besides its kind of like buying yourself a Christmas present, after all you both benefit from the voucher in the end.

Taste at Rustic

Taste at Rustic

Boyfriend & Girlfriend

There is nothing worse then getting in a relationship right before Christmas, the timing makes gift giving confusing and awkward. Do you go all out and get a big elaborate gift or go cheap and simple? Do you know them well enough to know what they would even like? No fear early bloomer relationships, the Dine In Dublin Voucher is here. This voucher isn’t too forward and out there, but it is enough to show you care about them, it’s just right!

To all those single pringles out there this Christmas, the Dine In Dublin Voucher might be just the gift you need. It is pretty straight forward, buy the voucher and give it to your crush. Your crush will have to take you on the date with them, they don’t have a choice really. Give it a go, no harm in trying!

platform 61

Platform 61

To a Friend

The Dine In Dublin voucher is the perfect gift to get your friends or Kris Kindle. Especially if your friend lives abroad and is coming home to celebrate Christmas with loved ones. It gives the two of you a chance to catch up and pig out. Two friends, one voucher, food, cocktails…lets just say it’s going to be an eventful night!

The Chruch

The Chruch

Boss & Colleagues 

Office Christmas parties are a given, but it’s always a tough call on what to gift the people you see every day: your colleagues. The Dine In Dublin Voucher is the ideal office-appropriate Christmas present. Forget about giving candles, wine, socks and hankies this year, it’s all about the voucher. Treat your colleagues, boss or employees to a lovely meal out – they will be annoyed they didn’t think it themselves!



The best thing about the voucher is that it only takes 2 minutes to purchase and it’s delivered straight to your door. Click here to see the full list of incredible restaurants that accept the Dine In Dublin voucher and purchase yours today. It really is a bullet proof gift, you can’t go wrong!