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The US Presidential Election Showdown: Clinton vs Trump

Unless you live under a rock you know Trump and Clinton go tête-à-tête tonight. 8th November.

With 24 million votes already in, the deciding votes will be cast throughout the night and up until 4am Irish-time Wednesday morning.

The first States to vote in the American polling stations close at about 12am on Wednesday morning, Irish-time. The clock then ticks on to approx. 4am or 5am when the new president will be announced.

Looks like we are in for an all-nighter 

Your eyes will be out on stilts watching this throughout the night with the time difference.

Polls will close at midnight 12.00am for Florida, Georgia and New Hampshire, 12.30am for Ohio and North Carolina with a 1am poll cut off point for Pennsylvania and Michigan. At 2am we learn the results for Arizona and Wisconsin, then 3am is Iowa and Nevada. All going smoothly the new President should then be announced between 4am and 5am. Unless there is an epic recount which stalls the vote so we could all be waking up on Wednesday morning to an entirely new saga of vote counting and no news of who won the election.

Around DublinTown check out the big screen live footage, the famous Donald Trump urinal and a cheeky offer of FREE jagerbombs if Trump wins….

The Living Room, Cathal Brugha St, Dublin 1

Famed for showing big sporting events, it is quite fitting that The Living Room just off O’Connell Street will be getting up close and personal showing the presidential election footage on the 3 250 4K LED big screens, the largest pub screens in Europe no less.


Platform 61, South William Street, Dublin 2 

The quirky New York style restaurant in the basement of Platform 61 on South William Street serves up ‘The Donald’ and ‘The Hilary’ cocktail.

Platform 61’s stunning setting takes its inspiration from a secret subway platform under the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The platform with its specially built golden elevator allowed VIPs such as ex-US President Roosevelt to access the hotel in private, so it is quite fitting to have some presidential cocktails on tap!

The ‘Donald Trump’ cocktail takes inspiration from Trump’s manifesto and has a salted wall around the rim of the glass protecting a mixed concoction of tequila, Cointreau, blood-orange flavoured liqueur and ginger lime syrup.


Zozimus, Anne’s Lane, Dublin 2

Follow the path of the upside down umbrellas to Zozimus where watching the US Presidential election is a classy affair with specials on American style cocktails and food. 

Fact of the Day: Zozimus stocks over 270 whiskeys to choose from should you feel up to the challenge…


Make like Hillary

Or follow in Clinton’s historic footsteps from her Dublin visit in 2009 when she graced us with her presence and practically shut off Grafton Street when she stopped off in the famous Kehoes on South Anne Street and then had an ole pint in McDaid’s just off Grafton Street.

So what happens next? Obama has one last Christmas in the White House and will still remain President of the United States of America until the official presidential handover on 20th of January 2017.

Who do you think will win? Let us know if you spotted any other US Presidential election specials around DublinTown that should be on the list.