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The Starbucks Red Cups Have Arrived!

You know it’s Christmas when… The red cups appear in every hand around the city!

But how much do you really know about Starbucks iconic red cup this year? Here’s something you might not have realised… There are 13 different designs!

Taking a cue from customers who had been using their red holiday cups as a canvas, last December Starbucks invited customers to share their designs on Instagram, receiving more than 1,200 individual submissions from 13 countries.

13 designs from six countries were chosen to be featured on Starbucks red cups for the 2016 holiday season. The artists behind the work hail from all over the world – a college student studying in Germany, a hair stylist near Philadelphia, an aspiring artist in New York.

When Starbucks told the artists their work would be featured on this year’s red cups, emotions ranged from shock to pure joy. “You just made my life,” said one.

Not only is there a huge range of red cups to choose from, but we haven’t even gotten into the selection of festive drinks! Starbucks have out done themselves this year, with drinks including, the Fudge Hot Chocolate, the Eggnog Latte, the Gingerbread Latte and the Toffee Nut Latte!

Pick up your Starbucks red cup today and send us a snap with #DublinAtChristmas!

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