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The Evolution of Style As We Know It

  • Tue, 9 May 2017

Over the years, so many things have changed and yet nothing has changed quite like style has..

We’ve braved through some pretty bold colour schemes and fabrics to reach the era of checkered shirts and dark-rimmed glasses we know today. Let’s take a moment to reel in the years and appreciate all the colours and bold fabrics that have taken part in the evolution of style over the years.

Style from the 1950’s sometimes gets a bad rap and it’s not completely without reason. From often unflattering pencil skirts to ankle socks, it’s not an unfair accusation but how can we forget this is the same era as style icons Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe?! For your ultimate 50’s fix, check out these Dublin gems sure to help you channel your inner Audrey.

Om Diva and Artelier 27. 

Just around the corner on Drury Street, you can check out a collection of vintage pieces mixed with some one of a kind numbers at Om Diva and Artelier 27. Whether it’s a dainty ensemble you’re in search of for that ice cream walk on the pier or a dressier number for a night out with the girls, you can be sure to add some knockout pieces to your 50’s wardrobe!

An explosion of colour and bold fabrics, the swinging sixties has duly earned the title of the most fun era of style! With Bridgette Bardot and fashion icon Twiggy as the leading ladies of the fashion scene, there is much to love about this era. In a city like Dublin were anything goes, we say ignite your wardrobe with a pop of colour and embrace your inner 60’s chick!


New Look

Where you can pick up dungaree dresses,  mini retro style dresses and the ever classic Bardot tops, there is much to be said for New Look in Jervis Shopping Centre’s wide selection of style. If you’re looking for something fun and funky that belongs to the era of peace and love, meander through New Look’s two floors and curate an outfit your friends will want to borrow!

The time of trench coats, jumpsuits,  flared jeans and band T shirts, the 1970’s simply exudes cool!


Where you can piece a Farrah Fawcett worthy outfit, check out on Zara on Henry Street where you can mix and match all things 1970’s until your heart’s content! Where you can pick up anything from a flared jumpsuit to a nude trench coat to throw over a pair of high waist denim jeans, Zara is home to some of the most iconic pieces that belong straight out of  out of the seventies.


Where so many of us flock to in a panic searching for the perfect festival outfit, Bershka in Jervis Street Shopping centre exudes 1970’s. Between little lacy bralets, ruffled tops, denim skirts and flowy floral dresses, you can rest assured you’ll find yourself one stellar festival outfit once you enter the doors of Bershka!

When we think of the 1980’s, skinny jeans, rock band t shirts and leather jackets are just a few feats that come to mind. An era that is legacy to pop punks Madonna and Cindy Lauper, there is a funky edge to the 80’s that just cannot be beat.

H & M

The number one place for reasonably priced band T shirts in the city, H & M on South King Street is the perfect destination to pick up some grunge band T shirts or even a pop punk razor back tank top splashed in colour, to match with a killer pair of skinny jeans!

The birthplace of oversized sweaters and the brightest of clothes, the 1990’s is home to complete freedom of expression.


Stocked with old school Levi denims and the brightest patterned shirts, Monto on Ryder’s Row echoes all that is great about the 90’s style. Where you can pair a pair of high rise Levi’s with a chunky leather belt and whatever bright shirt your eye attracts, you can leave here with a complete set mixed and matched by yours truly and consider yourself a legitimate 90’s gal.

So whichever era you prefer or if your kindred spirit is an amalgamation of them all, Dublin City proudly celebrates style across all the eras. From Zara’s nude trench coats and bold jumpsuits to Forever 21’s corduroy dresses and striped turtle neck tops, the evolution of style over the years has travelled through every different shape, fabric and colour imaginable. With the weather finally heating up, we say be braver in your fashion choices and inject a little fun and colour to your wardrobe with some stellar pieces across all the eras!