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Póg Café

A funky, healthy eating house that specialises in salads, juices, smoothies, fro-yo, coffee and guilt-free treats.

Póg Café combines health and indulgence in their store just off O’Connell Bridge. Póg products are fat free, gluten free, low GI, low in sugar and full of pre and pro biotics, vitamins and minerals. The word diet doesn’t cross their lips because they know it’s possible for people to eat delicious food that is full of all the stuff that our bodies need – without compromising on taste. All of our products are carefully selected according to their nutritional value to ensure you’re eating good food that is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, good fats, and lots more.

The base of all of the salads is green leaves. Spinach, rocket, baby gem and kale are some of the most nutritious foods that we can eat. Then you add on all of the toppings in our salads are bursting with even more goodness like chicken, smoked salmon, almonds, flax seed, beetroot, quinoa, egg and loads loads more. While the flavour, taste and texture of the salads is incredible, they are also seriously low in calories and are served in a huge containers leaving you really full and satisfied.

They also serve a selection of freshly made juices and smoothies that are designed to give our customers an instant hit of ‘liquid nutrition’. The juices are made with fruits and vegetables to order. The process of juicing breaks the cells of a fruit or vegetable and it takes all of it’s nutritional goodness allowing our bodies to absorb their nutrients with minimal digestion. Freshly made juice is a great way to get your five a day and the added bonus is that they taste really great!

Finally, their frozen yogurt is great for a healthy treat. It is virtually fat free and contains only natural sugars. It is high in calcium and protein and is full of good bacteria that aids in digestion. They offer a selection of ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ toppings, so you can go with the option of sticking with a clean healthy treat and topping things off with fruit and nuts or if you feel like pushing out the boat you can choose something from the naughty section like chocolate drops, popping candy or marshmallows.


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