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Manly Stuff at Sams Barbers

  • Mon, 24 Aug 2020

Hunter Treacy Tailors are the new kids on the block for Made to Measure Suits in Dublin. Sean Treacy, who also owns, got married in 2018 and was let down by a suit company for his Wedding Suit. This obviously left a lasting impression as he started Hunter Treacy Tailors in January of this year after almost 2 years of research. They are based out of Sam’s Barbers on Dame Lane which, according to Sean ‘is a perfect match, we’ve been working with Sams Barbers through Manly Stuff for a couple of years and Sam and I both have a vision for a ‘Gentlemen’s Emporium’, this is a step towards that’.

Hunter Treacy Tailors make suits for both Men & Women with over 3,500 fabrics to choose from, all made in Italy. They also offer Made to Measure Italian Shirts and Overcoats. All of their garments are made in Southern Italy. Providing luxury fabrics at a much more competitive price than other suit companies. They source and use only the finest quality fabrics and their suits are made using the latest technology to ensure a perfect fit, every time with hand finishing to ensure a luxury feel.

The approach at Hunter Treacy Tailors is to meet you first, understand your requirements – is the suit for work, do you want to get some smart casual clothing made, do you need something with flair?  They then take measurements, show you our available fabrics, talk through the details and once everything is decided, the client comes back in 4-8 weeks for the next fitting.  COVID-19 hasn’t hampered their progress since they’re reopened as there is ever only one customer at a time in for a consultation and an hour between each customer.

According to Sean ‘So far, 95% of our suits have been perfect once they arrive from Italy which is an astounding level of accuracy’. Hunter Treacy Tailors are creating the closest thing to a Bespoke Suit at a fraction of the cost as every suit is made from scratch according to your measurements and finished by hand.

Contact Hunter Treacy Tailors here to book an appointment.

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