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James Lowe Goes Bunless At Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Burger restaurants GBK are delighted to have Leinster and Ireland pro rugby player James Lowe as their Brand Ambassador. He has imparted some lifestyle hacks on how to stay in shape and still enjoy a guilt-free burger!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Brand Ambassador James Lowe is known for his prowess on the rugby pitch as well as being the celebrity face of the burger restaurants. Many people wonder how James stays fit and healthy whilst enjoying the burgers and food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and his tip to stick to those health resolutions is to “go bunless”. James is ironically known for his own distinctive haircut, which is often put up in a bun, but James is going bunless before the start of the 6 Nations rugby tournament this week (tournament starts Feb 5th) to cut down on carbs and calories and stay in shape this spring whilst he is in training.

James says; “As official Brand Ambassador, I’ve been collaborating closely with Gourmet Burger Kitchen since their relaunch in Ireland last summer and to help you stick to your health goals, we’re focusing on kicking the carbs with the delicious Bunless options on the menu at GBK, a great choice if you’re looking to ditch the bread from your diet and watch the calories. My health hack is to simply say no to the bun on any of the amazing chargrilled GBK burgers (available in Beef, chicken or veggie patties), go bunless and opt for a plateful of freshly prepared GBK Homeslaw and Simple Green Salad with Toasted Seeds- still very filling and satisfying.”

James imparted some lifestyle hacks that he practices on match weeks. These are:  

  1. Ask for the sauce to be served on the side, this way you will use a smaller amount, meaning less calories, or skip the sauce altogether.
  2. Go for greens- order a salad such as GBK’s Chicken Ceasar Salad which is heavy on fibre and protein.
  3. Double up the protein: Protein makes you feel full and satisfied for longer, so order protein rich options at GBK such as the halloumi bites or a double patty burger (The Mighty).
  4. Skip the alcohol: As temping as it is to order a beer, on training weeks, James chooses to go for a Riverrock sparkling water instead of a beer.


With the 6 Nations starting this week, give the bunless options a TRY… you may just be converted!

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