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Winner of the Best of Dublin awards with 98FM for two years in a row, Troys Butchers on Moore Street  is bringing you some food for thought this weekend..

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Trading on Moore Street for over 100 years, Troys is an unstoppable family run butchers. On Friday, we were lucky enough to get to meet with Stephen Troy, the fifth generation to take over the family business. Speaking candidly about his family dynasty, he speaks fondly of Moore Street, the place Troys calls home. “Moore street really is a great place to be, there are some fantastic street traders out there. ”

troys butchers

A family favourite, Troys has garnered some serious street credibility for their value for money too. Stephen gladly filled us in on some of the deals making up their extensive bargain menu which include their “austerity buster, the back to school deal, the seven day fridge filler and many other deals including protein packs.”

Located in such a bustling, ethnically diverse area, Troys has speedily evolved in variety and offering from its earlier days. “What makes our business unique is that we are a traditional butcher’s shop and we do all the cuts from brisket up to T- bone steak, fillet steak and rib eye, but we also carry for the multicultural customers that Moore Street attracts.”

troys butchers

The secret to their success? We could speculate many reasons but it seems there’s no single answer. Fused in history and craftsmanship, expect to be greeted by sawdust on the floors to take things back to basics and served nothing but the freshest and finest of cuts around town.

A powerhouse of skill and quality, Troy’s has truly honed their craft over the years in a bid to serve their customers nothing but the freshest and most authentic cuts of meat. Sourcing only the freshest cuts of meat is a must while anything pre-made or served in plastic containers is off the cards! “Nothing is served in plastic or paper trays, everything is cut fresh on front of your eyes and people really appreciate that skill of butchering.”

troys butchers

With ambitions to continue the family legacy for another hundred years, there is no end in sight for Troys. “There’s a fantastic trading community on Moore street and we hope to be here for another 100 years when these Luas works are finally finished!”

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