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Creative Cocktails Of The Creative Quarter

  • Thu, 9 Nov 2017
Our standards with regard to cocktails have risen over the years. There was a time when Cranberry juice used to be an exotic ingredient…

Now having a drink served to us in a hipster jar with dry ice swirling from the depths of the unpronounceable ingredients is commonplace. We’re not complaining though. Creativity is one of the backbones of Dublin City. Even more so, the Creative Quarter.



South Great George’s Street


Try: Salsa Noche – €12

The next beverage on the creative cocktails list is Salsa Noche. Blanco tequila is the base to this cocktail. Pear purée and cinnamon is combined with lemon juice and topped with prosecco and blackberry liqueur to create a culmination of flavours on your palate!



Balfe Street


Try: Message in a Bottle

Presented in a bottle submerged in little tub of ice, this cocktail mixes cucumber, lychee, homemade elderflower syrup and vodka. Nothing encapsulates summer like these flavours: a heady mix of floral notes, tropical sweetness and refreshing cucumber places it smack bang in the middle of this creative cocktails listing.

Fade Street Social

Fade Street


Try: Into the West – €11

This Asian inspired beverage is based on Coconut rum and Havanna especial. Sugar and coconut syrup are combined with Noilly Prat (dry vermouth) and fresh lime juice. Fresh coriander is muddled in before being shaken and served over crushed ice. It is then garnished with coconut shavings and a coriander leaf. The freshness and lightness of these ingredients earns it a place on the creative cocktails list.


San Lorenzo’s

South Great George’s Street

creative cocktails

Try: Lemon Sherbet Martini – €12

Citron Vodka is combined with lime, sugar syrup and served in a sherbet rimmed glass. Perfect for those who like their cocktail sweet but with a zesty kick and a great one for the summer weather!


Ukiyo Bar

Exchequer Street


Try: Plum Sake Martini – €12

Still feeling the Asian vibe? Try this cocktail from Ukiyo Bar. It has only three ingredients but is sure to give you a good kick, making it the strongest drink on the creative cocktails list. The finest Japanese plum sake is mixed with Soju (Korean distilled rice liquor) and Skyy vodka.


The Drury Buildings

Drury Street


Try: The Selector – €11.90

This is a heady cocktail with strong deep flavours. Jameson Black Barrel is merged with Luxardo (liqueur), Amaretto, Crème de Cacao, Chocolate, Walnut and Cherry liqueurs. Sounds like a desert in a glass! Reason enough to give it a spot on the creative cocktails list.

So next time you’re in the Creative Quarter, why not try something a bit different?