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Brown Thomas Christmas Windows

The much anticipated Brown Thomas Christmas windows were launched last week wowing every shopper and Christmas fanatic passing by.

Brown Thomas Christmas windows have become a tradition to families and gather many curious eyes each evening. So dive into a Christmas wonderland at Brown Thomas and get that festive feeling.

Say goodnight this Christmas Eve
And enter a World of make believe
Close your sleepy stardust eyes
Float down a pathway full of surprise
Open a book. Find the secret key
Fantastical dream worlds bursting free
Siún takes Ruairi’s little hand
And they drift far away to a magical land
Shimmering snowflakes swirl in the breeze
Forests of frost-tipped Christmas trees
Twinkling starbursts embellish the sky
Over Georgian rooftops they swoop, spin and fly
A doorman appears and beckons them in
To a sparkling hall where adventures begin
‘Come little children, step in from the cold
Explore a fine store where new mingles with old’


Playfully shy woodland creatures appear
To drape lights untangled by Sparky the Deer
While flickering, flittering bumbly bees
Dangle baubles and trinkets from each of the trees
Fluffy birds dust with their feathers all night
So every department shines dazzlingly bright
Squirrels and mice dart about in a hurry
Sprucing each floor as they scuttle and scurry


Powder Puff fairies add glitter and glow
To each luxe cosmetic as they whizz to and fro
Gleaming glass bottles of powders and potions
Heavenly perfumes and sweet scented lotions
Pampering Poodles tease, spritz and spray
Perfecting the Mannequins for their most special day
Styling each girl with her perfect confection
Enhancing her opulence to utmost perfection


Silvery pixies with gossamer wings
Polishing customers most wished for things
Lovebirds shower hearts onto each treasured gift
And seal every ribboned, striped box with a kiss
Gift cards and presents are piled onto shelves
Meticulously packaged by Santa’s best elves
And fizzing, fun crackers put on a fine show
Scattering glittering jewels as they go


Shake up a snow globe, a blizzard of white
Fairy tale animals, wood nymphs and sprites
A towering snow queen is carved from the ice
Gaze in and gasp as they all spring to life
A miniscule village where church bells are ringing
A brass band assembles. A choir begins singing
Everyone gathers with wondrous delight
To capture the scene this miraculous night


A banquet of treats and decanters of wine
Little whiskers are twitching and beady eyes shine
A giant plum pudding, a gingerbread house
Plates are piled high for each mischievous mouse
China and linen, a table for dining
Sparkling crystal and cutlery shining
Mulled wine and mince pies, marshmallows are toasting
Warmth from the fire as sweet chestnuts are roasting


Sleigh bells are jingling, who can this be?
Santa’s arriving, come sit on his knee!
Rosy cheeked laughter with each girl and boy
And sacks filled with candy canes, lollies and toys
Sugar plum fairies are handing out treasure
Chosen with care to enjoy at your leisure
The two little siblings are granted a wish
But nothing on Earth could be better than this!


The Brown Thomas steam train puffs in to the store
Billowing smoke as it chugs through the doors
Santa hops on, and he waves his goodbye
A compass spins round then it points to the sky
Siún and Ruairi are clambering inside
‘Hold on little children, we’re off on a ride!’
The engine takes off with great ripples of steam
Time to fly home and wake up from their dream
Snuggling together and holding on tight
Starstruck and spellbound, they speed through the night
Led by the light of a bright, silver moon
Eyes almost closed, they’ll be tucked in bed soon
Siún turns the page and takes one last look
There’s a secret end to this magical book
You may just find out if you really believe
When you close your eyes this Christmas Eve

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