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12 Pubs You Must-Visit in Dublin This Christmas

  • Sat, 1 Dec 2018

There nothing quite like the atmosphere of a Dublin Pub, other than maybe the atmosphere of a Dublin Pub at Christmas Time

Dublin Pub’s are famous for their charm, their friendly staff, and their world-famous pints. Add all of that to the excitement of Christmas and you get something truly special. This Christmas we here at DublinTown want you to experience the best of the Dublin Pun at Christmas Time, and so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best in Town.

1. Hogans

Hogans is located on South Great George’s Street and is one of the busiest pubs in the area. It’s large windows look out onto flower sellers and the hussle and bustle of the creative quarter passer by’s. Inside remains the home to laid back people watchers, good time seekers and newspaper readers. It’s the perfect pub for a pint with colleagues, or a catch up with friends.

2. The Long Hall

The Long Hall has been licensed since 1766. This shrine to antiquity is one of Dublin’s oldest, most beautiful and best loved pubs, abundant in traditional charm and exuding genuine Victorian originality, the interior dates from 1881. Attentive bartenders will ensure a good time, and a great Guinness. You’re sure to receive a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere when you cross the threshold of this iconic Dublin pub.

3. Grogans

Grogans is situated on South William Street, and the big question is not whether you’ll go or not, but rather whether you choose to sit outside or inside, as your experience will be somewhat different. Inside, the conversation and decor is multi generational and sometimes lingual. If you choose to sit or stand outside you can people-watch with a warm toasty and the best Guinness in the world. Grogans is one of those places that time stands still and where the world passes by. A must for a festive pint with friends.

4. The Stags Head

One of the city’s treasures, The Stags Head, is hidden away off a narrow passageway on Dame Street, in Dame Lane. It’s known has Dublin’s best preserved Victorian pub. As you step inside, you’re immediately transported back to the Victorian times, with thanks to the mahogany fittings and the mosaic marble tiles. It’s been standing since the 18th century, with more history than a library preserved within it’s walls. Once over the threshold, you’ll breath a breathe of fresh Dublin air and know what people talk about when they say “there’s nothing like a Dublin Pub”.

5. The Dawson Lounge

The Dawson Lounge is officially DublinTown’s smallest pub. What it lacks in square metres, it makes up for in experience. Somewhat of an institution, The Dawson Lounge, located on Dawson Street, is consistently busy. It serves a fine pint of Guinness that keeps it’s loyal customers coming back for decades. It’s unassuming exterior is easy to walk passed, but if you venture downstairs to this iconic Dublin Pub, you won’t be disappointed.

6. T.P Smiths

T.P Smiths has the exterior of a traditional cosy Dublin Pub, but don’t let the unassuming exterior fool you, this is a deceptively large premises. Spanned over three floors, their offering ranges from delicious pints, tasty food, and function rooms to suit anything from birthdays to communions to tour groups. Situated in the heart of Dublin’s shopping district, on Jervis Street, it makes the perfect quiet sanctuary after an afternoon of Christmas shopping.

7. Sinnott’s

Sinnott’s on South King Street, is a place for everyone who wants to enjoy great Irish food, history, and culture that DublinTown has to offer. It dates back to the 18th century but reopened in 1989 after St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre was built. It’s also home to a large collection of original literary pictures and prints from a number of well known Irish artists and writers, including James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde and many more. They serve traditional, delicious modern Irish food that includes breakfast, lunch, carvery, and dinner options as well.

8. The Lotts

The Lotts Café Bar is a must visit over the Christmas season. You’re sure of a great night out with their superb food and friendly atmosphere. Their snug, which is a tiny little pub directly next door to the Café Bar is one of the smallest pubs in town (alongside The Dawson Lounge), the atmosphere is something truly special. Food is served seven nights a week and they have sports specials every weekend. Head in for a festive pint with friends, you won’t be disappointed in this tiny little snug-pub.

9. Cassidy’s Bar

Cassidy’s on Westmoreland Street is known for slinging out some of the best craft beer in Dublin and providing a mix mash of music including Queens of the Stone Age, The Beatles, Rage Against The Machine, Joni Mitchell, Pearl Jam, The Smiths, The XX and so much more. They have pizza and pint deals for 12 euro and their atmosphere is like that of nothing much else is DublinTown. Head in to see for yourself what people call ‘the vibe you just can’t buy’.

10. Bowes

Tucked away on Fleet Street is Bowes Bar, one of those rare establishments in Dublin, a pub with genuine old world charm. Bowes is deceivingly compact from the outside, but once you step inside the bar you are greeted with an area which is surprisingly long and roomy and immediately you get a sense of stepping into a place removed from time. If you want excellent service and creamy pints, as well as an extensive collection of whiskeys then there is no better place to settle in and get comfortable, if you get hungry light snacks are available all day.

11. Doyle’s

Doyle’s on College Street is the place to be if you are new to the city, here for a quick visit or for the long haul. They have a brilliant down to earth atmosphere, a sense of friendliness and the presence of good company. Which ever night you come in, you can be sure to be greeted by a pub-goers enjoying a few pints, a bit of craic and some great music or sport.

12. The Hairy Lemon

The Hairy Lemon, of Stephen Street lower, is named after a dog catcher of the 1950’s. It boasts itself as being as unconventional as it’s name, housing years of memorabilia, a sitting room suspended in mid air, High Nellie’s wellie’s and even Granny’s kitchen. Take a gander into the unconventional drinking establishment this Christmas and see the quirky interiors for yourself.

No matter where you decide to celebrate the festive season this Christmas, we here at DublinTown wish you and yours, a safe and Merry Christmas!