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Where to find the Spookiest Cocktails in DublinTown

  • Mon, 3 Oct 2016

With Halloween just around the corner, why not indulge in some spooktacular cocktails to get yourself geared up for the long autumn nights ahead….

We have explored every nook and cranny of DublinTown and have compiled a list of the most chilling tipples around, prepare to have your taste buds horrifyingly satisfied

1. The Mint Bar at The Westin Hotel 


Venture beneath the Westin Dublin to experience the moody and darkly enchanting sophistication of the Mint Bar. Concealed within the original vaults of the old bank the chilling history of Dublin Town can be experienced through its extensive cocktail list. Aesthetically  these cocktails are perfect for that Halloween cocktail Instagram snap, we recommend the ‘Smokin’ Old Fashioned or the ‘Irish in Manhattan’ for that perfect all Hallows Eve drink.



2. The Blind Pig Speakeasy


Secretly tucked away in Dublin City Centre, experience the forgotten thrill of secret passwords, false storefronts and just a touch of lawlessness which ties perfectly into the dark underworld that is the month of October. The venue is in a secret location and you won’t receive the address until you book which adds a little touch of suspense. Why not grab a gang of mates for some Halloween fun and order the ‘Flowing Bowl’ – a giant bowl of punch! Purely for the Halloween-esque namesake we also recommend ordering the ‘El Diablo’ (The Devil) which is on the October Cocktail menu.



3. Peruke & Periwig 


This gothic themed bar supplies the ultimate ambiance for a spooky night out, transport yourself back in time to a mysteriously enchanting Halloween experience while sipping on a ‘Back in Black’ or a ‘Thriller’. Creativity mixed with the darkness of wonder pretty much sums this venue up and isn’t that exactly what Halloween is about?



4. Drury Buildings


Take a six story, derelict, old rag trade building in Dublin city centre and throw in some great cocktails and you have yourself a Halloween treat. ‘Dark, Deep & Stormy’, ‘Devil’s Margarita’ and  ‘Blood, Sand & Tears’ are just a few of the spooky spectaculars that you can indulge in while getting yourself in the mood for some devilish fun.



5.  Balfes


This venue is a mecca for the cocktail enthusiast making it the  perfect Halloween hangout, just located off the bustling Grafton street its the perfect spot to enjoy the autumn evenings and soak up the Halloween atmosphere. The aptly named ‘Devilshoof’ and the ‘Rusty Nail’ would be our top tip cocktail choices for this October.



6. The Gin Palace 


This Victorian themed watering hole is a master in Gin based cocktails, the classic vibes radiate throughout the venue and create a dark and mysterious tone – perfect for a spooky Halloween tipple. They offer an array of gin based afternoon teas which are prefect for sharing, the ‘Hendricks High Tea’ and the ‘Hendricks Tea Time Martini’ are a must.



7. Saba


Halloween cocktails with an Asian twist? Sure why not! Saba always do things their own way while keeping a focus on the passing seasons. Slurp and sip your way through their intensely thrilling and award winning cocktail menu. One of their autumnal winter warmers the ‘Hot Peanut Buttered Rum’ is a perfect Halloween choice and while your at it give the spiced rum’Black Velvet’ a go.



8. The Church


Possibly the most insanely ideal location for a Halloween cocktail, this former church has a spookily amazing history – from weddings to baptisms to burials! Two people are actually buried within the grounds of the building, Mary Mercer (founder of Mercer’s Hospital) and Lord Norbury (The Hanging Judge), need we say anymore! Combine the setting of this venue with some horrifyingly delicious cocktails such as the ‘Bloody St Mary’ and the ‘Crucified Collins’ for the spookiest cocktails you’ll ever have.


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