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Where to Eat Authentic Chinese Food in Dublin City

  • Tue, 12 Feb 2019

There’s a whole host of different cuisines to choose from across DublinTown. One of them being deliciously authentic Chinese Food.

It’s deeply unfortunate that we as a nation fall victim of considering a 3 in 1 with chicken balls to be Chinese Food, and we’re not saying it’s not delicious and what the doctor ordered at 4am, but let’s be frank, it’s not Chinese in any way shape or form.

Authentic Chinese food is bursting with flavour and spice, it’s wonderfully varied and leaves you feeling as if your mouth has traveled to the country itself. We’re lucky enough in Dublin to have more than a few delectable authentic Chinese restaurants in our humble city. So why not leave the soggy rice and chips behind and check out one of these deadly restaurants.

M&L Chinese

The passion behind M&L Chinese is real Chinese food. Located on Cathedral Street just off O’Connell Street, their goal is to continue to bring the most authentic Chinese dinning experience to Ireland. The dedicated chefs and staff are passionate about food, where for them, real Chinese food is more than just a good meal: it’s the very essence of life!

Good World Restaurant

The Good World is known for having the best dim-sum in Dublin and the menu also offers delicacies such as ducks feet. It’s open later than most other eateries which is always a plus (until 12am) and is very much the choice of Dublin’s Chinese community.


Duck Chinese Restaurant is a Hong Kong style roasted meat deli. The team at Duck are passionate about bringing the authentic flavours of Hong Kong style roasted meats to Dublin. These wonderfully succulent and delicious tasting meats are a staple of Hong Kong cuisine.


Ka Shing

Ka Shing Chinese restaurant delivers fine Chinese cuisine surrounded by stunning interior. The restaurant’s décor is complete with large carved chairs, upholstered with bronze and gold leather, marble tables and hanging chandeliers, which gives all guest a very royal experience. Ka Shing’s signature dish is Mango Duck; sliced roast duck marinated with fresh mango. They also offer a seafood option of lobster and braised dried scallops to name a few. All dishes are made with quality, nutritious ingredients.


Hailan have locations on both Dame Street and Capel Street and are restaurants serving Chinese and Korean food with a helping of popular Japanese dishes on the side. Established in 2005, Hailan’s mission was to bring authentic Far Eastern cuisine to Dublin, delivered by accomplished and masterful chefs. You can find all sorts of culinary delights here from traditional Chinese hot pot to Korean barbecue, kimchi and bibimbap (and everything in between!). Try some famous dishes, or go for something all together more adventurous…

Broaden your cuisine horizons with one of these delicious Chinese restaurants!