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Vintage Shopping in Dublin: Best Thrift and Antique Stores

Introduction to Vintage Shopping in Dublin

Dublin offers a delightful vintage shopping experience, blending the charm of history with the excitement of discovering unique treasures. The city’s thrift shops, and antique shops are filled with one-of-a-kind finds, from retro fashion and rare collectibles to antique furniture.

Strolling through Dublin’s streets, you’ll encounter a variety of vintage shops, each with its own character and curated selection. Highlights include the bohemian George’s Street Arcade and the elegant Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. Friendly shopkeepers and passionate collectors enhance the experience by sharing the stories behind their wares.


Top Thrift Stores in Dublin


Jenny Vander  

Jenny Vander’s little cave of treasure on Drury Street is the place for any fashion-conscious individuals looking for a unique buy. You’ll bump into stylists and fashionistas in equal measure in the shop, which is loaded with luxurious accessories and statement dresses.  

Om Diva  

At Om Diva you will find everything from funky outfits to vintage pieces. This boutique is every fashionista’s treasure trove! There are unique pieces, jewellery, and accessories across two floors and a lot of pink! 


LOOT on Fade Street is a vintage concept store featuring a curated collection of clothes, magazines and much more. Thanks to LOOT, vintage shopping doesn’t have to mean rummaging through mountains of old clothing to find a true gem.

35 Vintage 

35 Vintage on Fade Street is new in town and has brought a wonderful mix of vintage treasures handpicked from across the world, from crewneck jumpers to funky fleeces. They also have a range of one-of-a-kind reworked tote bags made from old sweatshirts and hoodies – nobody else will have the same bag as you! 

Dublin Vintage Shop   

Vintage Shop located on Capel Street.  

Nine Crows Thrift 

Their wonderful Thrift Shop is situated on the northside of Dublin city, specifically at 8 Mary Street. Visitors are warmly welcomed by the friendly faces of their amazing staff, creating a super fun and relaxed atmosphere. A treasure trove of amazing vintage pieces is available at bargain prices, with items starting at just €2 in their Thrift Shop! 


Pre-loved Designer 


Specialising in the resale of everything from high-street to high-end fashion, Siopaella on Wicklow Street is the ideal shop for picking up a special gift for any fashionista, or a treat for yourself! And by shopping there, you’ll be taking a more responsible, circular approach to fashion. 

Designer Exchange

Based on Exchequer Street, Designer Exchange can make all your handbag dreams come true. The award-winning curator of preloved luxury bags and accessories offers impeccable customer service and the opportunity for customers to sell or buy their authentic pre-loved designer handbags – Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Hermes and many more.  

The Brazilian Dresser 

The Brazilian Dresser (TBD) on Drury Street is a boutique specialising in designer handbags, shoes, and accessories. TBD stocks designer products from top brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and many more, making it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking an affordable and diverse selection of high-end items.   

Lou’s Lot

This little vintage shop is located in George’s Street Arcade and owner Lou Slevin is dedicated to the business of selling vintage clothing and reworked designer accessories including bags. Some brands Lou stocks include Burberry, Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, and Karl Lagerfeld. 

Tola Designer

Well-known for selling designer and reworked eighties and nineties items, Tola Vintage in Temple Bar has opened a second store on Dame Street, College Green. At Tola Vintage Designer, you’ll find authentic designer brands at only a fraction of the price, including Yves Saint Lauren, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and more. 

MONTO Vintage                                                                                                                                                      MONTO Vintage on Parnell Street have been selling and renting high-quality vintage and new clothes for men and women for over 15 years. Whether you’re searching for a pair of jeans or a colourful dress, MONTO has a range of items and stock designs by Levi’s, Moschino, Versace and more.



Famous Antique Shops

Courtville Antique & Vintage Jewellers  

At Courtville they specialise in one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Antique jewellery is made with a craft and passion that cannot be replicated, the skills have almost all been lost and cannot be replaced. Own a piece of history that throws back to another era where quality and time spent making things beautiful were paramount. 

John Farrington Antiques 

John Farrington, located in Georges Street Arcade specialises in antique jewellery, one-off and commissioned pieces with antique precious stones and gems.  

Delphi Antiques 

Delphi Antiques, located in Powerscourt Shopping Centre specialises in genuine antique jewellery, porcelain, silver, and object d’art from the 18-20 century with an emphasis on original estate jewellery. 

John Brereton Antiques  

Established in 1916. John Brereton Jewellers has grown with the city. With three locations on Capel Street, Grafton Street, and O’Connell Street, they offer fine jewellery with specialisations in diamonds, unique pieces, and antique jewellery. 

Vintage Dublin

Vintage Dublin is an antique’s store located on Capel Street. When it comes to interior design, it seems there is a shift towards things antique and vintage. If furniture could tell a story about its life, it would make for quite a conversation and it looks like the pieces in the Vintage Dublin have lots of stories to tell.

Under The Bridge                                                                                                                                               

Antiques, bric a brac and hidden treasures located on Talbot Street.

Michael Duffy Antiques                                                                                                                                     

Michael Duffy Antiques supply a wide range of Antique Furniture in Dublin. They have a great range of antique furniture including wardrobes, chest of drawers, trunks, desks, coal boxes and so much more. They have a great selection of antique products, and they can assure that they have something to suit your needs.


Shopping Tips for Thrift and Antique Lovers in Dublin

 Best Times to Shop:

  1. Early Mornings and Weekdays: Visit shops early in the morning or on weekdays to avoid the crowds and have the first pick of new arrivals.

Authenticating Antiques:

  1. Check for Marks and Signatures: Look for maker’s marks, signatures, or labels that can help verify the authenticity and age of an item.
  2. Examine the Craftsmanship: Authentic antiques often exhibit high-quality craftsmanship. Check for details like dovetail joints in furniture, hand-stitched seams in clothing, and signs of wear that indicate age.

General Tips:

  1. Bring Cash: Some smaller shops might not accept cards, and cash can sometimes help in negotiations.


Sustainability and Ethical Shopping in Dublin

      • Reducing Waste: Buying vintage items prevents them from ending up in landfills.
      • Lower Carbon Footprint: Opting for pre-loved items reduces the demand for new production, thus lowering carbon emissions.
      • Resource Conservation: It decreases the need for raw materials, minimizing environmental harm.
      • Fair Labour Practices: Vintage shopping avoids supporting unethical labour practices in new product manufacturing.
      • Sustainable Fashion: It combats the fast fashion industry, promoting a circular economy where goods are reused.
      • Unique Finds: Vintage items offer unique, high-quality designs not found in modern mass-produced goods.
      • Supporting Local Businesses: Shopping at Dublin’s vintage stores supports local businesses and the community.
      • Educational Value: Vintage items come with history and stories, enriching your shopping experience.
    • Repurposing: Consider upcycling vintage items to fit your needs.


Concluding Thoughts

The city’s thrift shops, and antique shops are filled with treasures, from retro fashion to timeless antiques, making it a perfect destination for discovering one-of-a-kind items.