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Unique Date Ideas in DublinTown

  • Tue, 4 Feb 2020

In the mood for something a little different this date night? We got you. Let your other half know they’re deadly by taking them on a date with a difference at one of these unique date spots in DublinTown.


If cocktails are your thing then why not take it a lil step further and take them to a sneaky speakeasy. We don’t have all that many in Dublin but the ones we do have are pretty savage. Head to the newest kid on the block El Silencio and enter into a temple of tacos and tequila – find the hidden door in Pablo Picante’s on . Check out VCC for elegant gatsby vibes behind an incognito door in Temple Bar. Or make a reservation with The Little Pig and find out where exactly you’re going closer to the time. We can guarantee neither will disappoint.

The Hideout

Into more of an active date? Well, not active, but as competitive as you can get without beads of sweat forming on your forehead. Head along to The Hideout on South William Street for an intense game of billiards if you wanna impress – or if you’re like us and can’t hit a ball even near those teeny tiny pockets – just head along for a bitta craic and some beers.

Old Man Pub Crawl

Cocktails not really your thing? Why not take a lil romantic wander around the streets of Dublin and pop into some of the iconic Dublin pubs along the way. A route we would confidently put our name to would be walking from Capel Street (popping into ***** for a cremey pint), across the Liffey to Dame Street (Stags Head, Dame Tavern) and then make your way up to Dawson Street (Keheo’s, Dawson Lounge, Neary’s). And that’s all you’re getting cause we don’t wanna be to blame after your date goes terribly wrong after going to more than 6 pubs in one night…..

International Comedy Club

Going home from a date with your sides hurting from laughing is surely a sign of a successful date, no? Well that’s almost guaranteed after a night in the International Comedy Club. Shows take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the line-ups are always stellar. We can’t however guarantee that the comedian won’t call on you and your date and make a holy show of you in front of the rest of the crowd…that’s a risk you’re just gonna have to be willing to take….

Coffee and a Stroll

Get caffeinated and get to know one another a lil better with a stroll around our fair city. Walk the gardens of St.Patricks Cathedral, down George’s Street through the Creative Quarter and make your way to St. Stephen’s Green. You’ll surely work up an appetite from the walk, so on the way, why not pick up lunch at Blazing Salads, Industry & Co. on Drury Street or Tang on Dawson Street and have a cute picnic in the park? Honestly – movie quality romance lads.

Do a Tourist Attraction

We personally think it’s a crime against Dublin that some Dublin-born-and-breaders haven’t taken an open-top tour of Dublin, or gone into the Grand Canal with the vikings or been to the museum of leprechauns. Shame on ye. Why not use the next date you’re organising as an excuse to pop your tourist hat on and take a DoDublin Bus, the Viking Splash or a tour of The Leprechaun Museum of Dublin? We’d highly recommend.

The Dead Zoo

Name something more romantic than going to an old room in an old building to look at a load of stuffed dead animals? We can’t think of anything either. In all seriousness though, it’s a pretty savage way to spend an afternoon. The room is adorned with polished wood and old brass fittings, glass cabinets and…you guessed it…dead animals.


Fuel your movie date with some Savvy B in either the IFI or the Lighthouse Cinema. These two deadly city centre cinemas allow you to purchase alcoholic beverages in the bar and take them into the screening – if that doesn’t make the comedy funnier, the rom com more romantic and the horror even scarier we don’t know what will.
The Lighthouse and IFI usually have ‘Seasons’ as well where they screen a series of old movies for special times throughout the year, you know, Valentine’s Day, Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

Whatever you get up to on Valentine’s Day – whether it’s celebrating with your other half, embracing your inner Bridget Jones with a take out and a cry ‘ause you hate being single or getting your mates together for a session – have a good’un and be safe