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Touring the Irish Whiskey Museum

  • Sat, 20 Aug 2016

Who doesn’t love a little whiskey? Especially some good Irish whiskey! We had the amazing opportunity to tour the Irish Whiskey Museum (and even have a cheeky tasting afterwards)

Taking a break from the normal work day, we headed down to Grafton Street excited to take our tour. Upon arrival, The Irish Whiskey Museum offered a great waiting room before the tour began. The waiting area bar serves both coffee and alcohol. Since we took an 11am tour the coffee option was great for us!

At the start of the tour, our guide took us through the history of Irish Whiskey and how it came to be what it is today. Since we weren’t that knowledgeable on it beforehand, it was great to learn about one of Ireland’s most popular drinks.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Our guide made the history fun, interactive, and very entertaining. One very cool aspect of the tour was the different multimedia used throughout it. Videos played at the beginning of the tour including a re-enactment of a family drinking together around a small table and having fun.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Additionally, the guide moved us from room to room throughout the tour. Each room had a different atmosphere to it that complimented the history being told to us. One of our favourite rooms was the one pictured above. In it you could see different Irish whiskey bottles over the years.

After this room, we moved on to one of our favourite parts: the tasting!

Irish Whiskey Museum

Decked out in whiskey bottles, the tasting room was the perfect place to try some drinks. The bar prepared wooden tasting trays for us to test the four different types of whiskey they had.

Before trying each, the tour guide explained how it was made and what we should be tasting. After trying each, we all determined our favourite of the four. Not surprisingly, we all had different preferences!

Irish Whiskey Museum

Overall, we had an excellent experience! The tour was the perfect length and very entertaining the whole way through.

If you’re looking for one of the best whiskey experiences in town, then definitely check out the Irish Whiskey Museum! They are also great for Hen/Stag parties, as they are very generous with the whiskey tasting!