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Top 5 Restaurants To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

  • Wed, 7 Feb 2024

St. Patrick’s day only comes once a year, so why not treat ourselves to a nice meal during the celebrations, we’ve compiled the 5 best restaurants to visit this St. Patrick’s Day and we highly recommend you give them a visit

BóBós Burgers

Located on Dame St. BóBós Burgers serves a wide of food, from a full Irish breakfast to (of course) burgers, they even have veggie and vegan burgers if that’s what tickles your fancy. BóBós Burgers also maintain an allergy aware kitchen, so you’ll be eating stress free.


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Found on Balfe St. Balfes is an all-day brasserie and bar offering all kinds of sea food and other meals, they also offer plenty of Gluten-free options aswell.


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Flanagan’s Bar & Restaurant

Located on O’Connell Street upper, Flanagan’s is a perfect choice this St. Patrick’s Day seeing as the Parade will be going right past it. Flanagan’s Bar & Restaurant is a traditional Irish restaurant that offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, along with authentic Irish cuisine. They pride themselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create delicious dishes that will transport you straight to the Emerald Isle.



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Located on Chatham Street. NEARY’S is not only great for getting a bite to eat but also to get a drink. NEARY’S is a true testament of time dating all the way back to 1887, it also still includes the same 2 lamp brackets at its’s opening from when it was first built.


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The Old Stand

Located on Exchequer Street, The Old Stand is another pub/ restaurant that has stood the test of time being over 300 years old. The Old Stand also has a very rich history which is perfect for a holiday with history as rich as St. Patrick’s Day.


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Written by Eoin Guiney

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