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The Top Restaurants in Dublin City

Dublin’s culinary scene blends the warmth of traditional Irish dishes with the spice of international flavours.

There’s something for everyone in Dublin, from cozy corner pubs offering hearty stews to chic bistros serving modern cuisine.

Award-Winning Restaurants

Let’s toast to Dublin’s fantastic culinary hotspots, these amazing top restaurants in Dublin that have truly outdone themselves.

D’Olier Restaurant Street: This recent addition to Dublin’s culinary scene has quickly risen to prominence, earning a coveted Michelin star. Situated in the heart of the city, D’Olier Restaurant Street offers a contemporary twist on Irish cuisine, showcasing the finest local ingredients and culinary traditions.

Fire Steakhouse & Bar: Nestled in the historic Lord Mayor’s ‘Supper Room’ dating back to 1864, Fire Steakhouse & Bar is a multi-award-winning venue renowned for its exceptional dining experience.

Hidden Gems and Local Favourites

Discover Dublin’s culinary soul in charming corners, where authenticity, unique flavours, and warm hospitality await.

Chilli Club: For lovers of authentic Thai cuisine, Chilli Club is a hidden gem tucked away in Anne’s Lane off Grafton Street.

Dolce Sicily: Transport yourself to Italy at Dolce Sicily, an original Italian pâtisserie located in Dublin city centre.

777: Escape to Mexico without leaving Dublin at 777, a hidden gem on George’s Street specializing in Mexican cuisine and craft cocktails.

Top Picks for Fine Dining

Elevate your dining experience with Dublin’s finest, where exquisite cuisine meets impeccable service and luxurious ambiance.

WILDE Restaurant: Nestled within The Westbury Hotel, WILDE Restaurant exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.

Hawksmoor Dublin: Offering a contemporary twist on the classic steakhouse experience, Hawksmoor Dublin prides itself on serving the finest cuts of meat cooked to perfection.

The Ivy Dawson Street: Step into luxury at The Ivy Dawson Street, a chic dining destination known for its elegant décor and sumptuous cuisine.

Budget-Friendly Eats

Savour delicious flavours without breaking the bank at Dublin’s budget-friendly eateries.

Bunsen: For burger lovers on a budget, Bunsen is the ultimate destination.

Dall’ Italia Pastabar: It is a hidden gem serving up authentic Italian pasta dishes at affordable prices. From classic spaghetti Bolognese to creamy carbonara, every bite is a taste of Italy.

Beanhive: Situated in Dublin city centre, Beanhive is a cozy café known for its delicious coffee and homemade baked goods.

Best Restaurants by Cuisine

Irish Cuisine:

The Winding Stair: Offering a modern take on traditional Irish dishes, The Winding Stair is a beloved dining destination on Ormond Quay.

Flanagans: This classic Irish pub on O’Connell Street is known for its hearty dishes and welcoming ambiance. From traditional Irish stew to fish and chips, Flanagans offers a taste of Ireland in the heart of Dublin.

Pink: It is a vibrant restaurant serving up modern Irish cuisine with a creative twist.

French Cuisine:

L’Gueuleton: Located on Fade Street, L’Gueuleton is a cozy brasserie known for its French-inspired cuisine and relaxed atmosphere.


Pichet: It’s a vibrant dining destination nestled in the heart of Dublin, renowned for its contemporary European cuisine with a nod to French cooking techniques.

The Green Hen: With a menu featuring classic dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, diners can enjoy an authentic taste of France in the heart of the city.

La Maison:  a French Brasserie in the Heart of Dublin, specialising in some wonderful French classics along with some innovative and modern cooking using the best of locally sourced fresh Irish produce. La Maison has been a City Centre favourite for over 20 years.

Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine:

Cornucopia: From salads to sandwiches to hearty mains, every dish is bursting with flavour and nutrition.

Govindas: It’s a beloved spot for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Offering a buffet-style dining experience, Govindas serves up delicious Indian-inspired dishes at affordable prices.

Tang: From hearty breakfasts to vibrant salads and comforting soups, each dish at Tang is crafted with care and passion, promising a satisfying dining experience for all.

Seasonal and Locally-Sourced

Fallon & Byrne: Situated in the heart of Dublin, Fallon & Byrne is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. From fresh produce to artisanal goods, this gourmet food hall and restaurant curates the best of Irish and international flavours under one roof.

HellFire:Hellfire steakhouse offers a warm & lively ambiance and friendly service, paired with the finest locally-sourced meats and fresh seafood, charcoal-grilled to perfection.

SOLE Seafood & Grill: Located in the heart of Dublin’s vibrant city center, SOLE Seafood & Grill celebrates the bounty of the Irish coast with a menu showcasing the freshest seafood sourced from local waters. From succulent oysters to grilled lobster, each dish reflects the rich maritime heritage of Ireland.

Sprout & Co: Sprouts dedicated to serving delicious and nutritious meals made with locally sourced, seasonal produce. With an ever-changing menu that reflects the best of what nature has to offer, Sprouts offers a dining experience that is both wholesome and satisfying.

Best Spots for Special Occasions

Café en Seine: With its stunning Art Deco interiors and luxurious ambiance, Café en Seine is the perfect setting for special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or an anniversary dinner, guests can indulge in exquisite cuisine and expertly crafted cocktails in this iconic Dublin venue.

Nolita: Nolita offers a chic and stylish setting for special occasions. With its vibrant atmosphere and innovative menu, guests can enjoy modern Italian cuisine with a twist, making every celebration a memorable one.

Fade Street Social: Situated on one of Dublin’s trendiest streets, Fade Street Social is a dynamic dining destination perfect for special occasions. Whether dining in the elegant restaurant or sipping cocktails in the rooftop bar, guests can expect exceptional food, drinks, and service in this stylish venue.

Atrium at College Green: Set within the historic surroundings of Trinity College Dublin, the Atrium at College Green provides an elegant backdrop for special occasions. With its grand architecture and refined atmosphere, guests can enjoy a sophisticated dining experience in the heart of the city.

Experience Beyond Dining

The Church: Unique dining venue in a 17th-century church, featuring live music and cultural ambiance.

The Bank on College Green: Former bank turned chic restaurant, offering historic charm and glamour.

Strong BAH 33: Vibrant Brazilian eatery in Dublin’s city centre with live entertainment.

Celtic Nights at the Arlington Hotel: Immersive Irish cultural experience with live music and dance performances.

Dublin’s dining scene is a melting pot of flavours, showcasing the city’s vibrant culture and culinary creativity.

Whether you’re a foodie seeking the latest gourmet trends or simply craving a hearty meal in cozy surroundings, Dublin has something to offer everyone.

Treat yourself and loved ones to a memorable dining experience, creating lasting memories around the table.

Join us in savouring Dublin’s flavours and making unforgettable culinary moments!