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The Boy is Back in Town

  • Mon, 19 Aug 2013

They say you never truly miss something until it’s gone.  On a certain level, many of us don’t really believe that and we still take things for granted…

For many a Dubliner, that changed in the wee hours, one morning in May. Since 2005, Phil Lynott had been standing on Harry Street, holding his guitar, looking cool and minding his own business and then? Disaster!! One too many revelers leaning against the man himself for a quick photo took their toll on him. He cracked.

Three months passed, and all we had in his place was a sandwich board saying, ‘Philo’s gone to be with his ‘ma’ and would soon be back in town’…. Everyday as we walked by, we looked down Harry Street for a clue, until we were given a date. 15th of August. Sure it couldn’t come soon enough.

The day finally arrived, and the boy is back in town, whiskey jar half full. Looking on top of world. Welcome back Philo.