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The Best Restaurants on Talbot Street Area

  • Fri, 8 May 2015
We are all guilty of it. Complaining there isn’t anywhere new to eat, and stumbling into our regular choices. Well, luckily for you, we’ve composed a list of the best restaurants in Dublin for you to hit up in the Talbot Street area for lunch and dinner!


1. If you’re in the mood for high-quality traditional Irish food with a twist go to Le Bon Crubeen.(They do V)


Talbot Street’s flagship restaurant, Le Bon Crubeen does not disappoint. It caters to all meals; whether you have clients you are wining and dining, a lunch business meeting, or a casual meal with friends. Whatever you do, you have to try the Crispy Crubeens. 


2. If you’re in the mood for upgraded pub grub go to The Brew Dock. (They do GF & V)


Enjoy real beer and honest food at The Brew Dock. Located next to Busaras, Connolly Station they’re perfect for anyone working near the IFSC or Irish Life. They brew their own beer, have traditional pub grub mixed with some new twists, (our favourite as the falafel burger),  and – bonus! – games to lighten up any afternoon.


3. If you’re in the mood for creative and contemporary with Mediterranean influences go to 101 Talbot. (They do GF & V)


Another Talbot Street favorite is 101 Talbot. The modern elegance of the restaurant is perfect for business meetings, pre-theatre meals and lunch dates. It is creative and contemporary; an Irish restaurant with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences using fresh local ingredients. Just remember to look around as the restaurant hosts local artwork.


4. If you’re in the mood for a patisserie with gourmet sandwiches go to the The Wooden Whisk. (They do V)


This Talbot Street gem is perfect for your afternoon tea & coffee stop. It has delicious, fresh pastries and cakes that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Come early to have your sandwich before your dessert in this lovely cafe.


5. If you’re in the mood for classic pub grub go to The Flowing Tide.


The Flowing Tide, located on Abbey Street, has an eccentric and artistic air, the pub where plain talk and highfalutin conversation flow  naturally  together. The interior adorned with beautiful stained glass showing magnificent scenes of Dublin city. So be bold – have a beer with some fish & chips at enjoy the uniqueness of it!


6. If you’re in the mood for Thai Food go to Thai Spice. (They do V)


Thai Spice, located on Talbot Place, is perfect for when you get a craving for Thai cuisine. Maybe you’re hungover and in need of comfort food, or maybe you would just love some fresh Green Curry. Thai Spice will let you have it all and quickly to fit it into your hour lunch break.


7. If you’re in the mood for a burrito go to Saburritos. (They do GF & V)


Talbot Street’s burrito bar has everything you need for the perfect, on-the-go Mexican fix, and to fit within your budget. Everything they serve is prepared and cooked fresh in store every day.

8. If you’re in the mood for Asian food, but only have €5, go to Hot Wok Noodle Bar. (They do V)


Technically on North Earl Street, Hot Wok Noodle Bar is a get-it-to-go style Asian restaurant that leaves all the customising up to you!


9. If you’re in the mood for gourmet sandwiches at the ready go to 147 Deli. (They do GF & V)


147 Deli is perfect for anyone looking for a fresh, wholesome sandwich or soup. They pride themselves on using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients to create their masterpieces. Our favourites are the  147 Reuben and the BBQ Pork. Now they do mouth-watering donuts that would finish off any lunch.


10. If you’re in the mood for a liquid lunch go to The Confession Box.


Not every day goes perfectly, sometimes what you need at lunch is the perfect pint, glass of wine, or cocktail. For these types of days we recommend The Confession Box. This historic pub was recently renovated and is run by the friendliest of Dublin bar staff who promise an enjoyable and comfortable visit.