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SoHo Dublin: New Dublin Late-Bar and Nightclub

 ‘SoHo Dublin’ nightclub and entertainment venue set to open next week, bringing the ‘old school values’ of clubbing in Dublin back to the city centre 

In a ‘bleak’ time for nightclubs in Ireland, where 4/5 clubs have closed here since the 2000’s, this ‘premium’ yet affordable new over 23’s nightclub is a very welcome, positive announcement for the Dublin nightlife scene. 

The heartbeat of Dublin’s nightlife is about to get louder, as SoHo Dublin, the city’s newest entertainment venue and premium nightclub, announces it is now in the final stages of preparing for its grand opening on Saturday May 18th. Stepping into the vibrant space of SoHo Dublin is stepping into the new standard set for Dublin’s late-night entertainment scene. The new D’Olier Street venue aims to blend the old school clubbing values and standards of Dublin in the 90’s, with a modern, ‘bougie’ fit-out and style. 

Today is not a good time to be a Dubliner in your 20’s or 30’s looking to dance the night away in a central Dublin nightclub. With 4 out of 5 nightclubs in Ireland having now closed since the year 2000, many of today’s youth simply don’t know the nightclubs standards and offering their parents had. ‘Give Us The Night’ are a group of industry professionals leading the campaign for positive changes for nightlife in Ireland. The group states that:

“The nightclub industry here is now so small that it only accounts for 0.6% of the total licensed liquor trade in Ireland. Seven counties in Ireland are now down to their very last nightclub. The government’s promised reform still hasn’t happened, which is halting a rebirth of this once thriving industry. Dublin, with its rich nightlife history, needs fresh venue options to keep the city buzzing and alive. So today’s news of ‘SoHo Dublin’ opening in the city centre is very positive industry news, in a time when we often hear far more about closures”.

However SoHo Dublin is far from just a new nightclub; it is a multi-purpose destination designed to cater to every facet of nightlife culture. From club-nights pulsating with the beats of top Irish DJs, to live music performances and theatrical events, to corporate book-outs and fashion shows, SoHo Dublin has big plans. 

Behind this endeavour are Irish hospitality veterans Jerry Harrington & Paul Hayden, who bring decades of experience and a passion for reviving Dublin’s nightlife to the forefront. With luxurious interiors exuding premium, stylish vibes and state-of-the-art sound and lighting, SoHo Dublin sets a new standard for premium entertainment in the city.

The venue boasts a colossal digital screen wall behind the DJ, creating an electrifying dancefloor experience with epic graphics synced to the music. But the new venue is not just about the glitz; it’s about making a meaningful change to the Dublin nightlife scene. In a sector hit hard by closures, SoHo is creating new jobs and breathing life back into the heart of Dublin’s flatlining nightlife scene.

But it’s not just about the ambiance; Soho is committed to affordability without compromising quality. Co-owner Jerry Harrington says on this:

“It’s about affordability without compromise. Yes, we have a premium venue, elements like a €100,000 digital screen wall, the best sound system, etc, but this doesn’t mean the patron has to pay through the nose, as so often happens in this city. We’re not going to do this. For example, every night we are open, you can enjoy a large premium spirit and mixer for only €10. This includes premium brands like Kettle One Vodka and Row & Co Whiskey. This same drink will cost you up to €26 in similar Dublin city centre venues. SoHo Dublin is redefining the game by offering unbeatable prices without sacrificing quality. We will ensure that your night out won’t break the bank, but you won’t sacrifice any of the luxuries that you like”. 

NO REPRO FEE 09/05/2024 Dublin, Ireland. Photo shows: hospitality veteran Jerry Harrington.  Photograph: Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

Customer service reigns supreme at Soho, with every guest receiving five-star treatment from arrival to last dance. Anchoring the weekend is the Saturday Club night, featuring the best Irish DJs like 2FM’s Dave Treacy and Dansie, promising an unforgettable experience for revelers.

Speaking on the importance of customer service Jerry Harrington adds:

“The Irish youth today have never experienced the high quality and high service of the Dublin nightlife experience we enjoyed in the nineties and noughties. Due to the staggering amount of closures since then, so many of them have rarely experienced a good club night generally. In a modern, stylish venue we are going to reintroduce that same standard older Dubliners once enjoyed. Where the hostess knows your name and favourite table, where the doormen welcome the regulars in first, where the barman knows your favourite drink, and where dancing the night away on an electrifying dance floor is the best part. We’re going to bring the old school values of clubbing in Dublin back to the city centre”

For those eager to explore SoHo’s vibrant calendar of events, bookings for groups, private events, and corporate functions are now open.

Visit to stay updated and make reservations. SoHo Dublin invites you to immerse yourself in the ultimate nightlife experience at 21 D’Olier Street. 

Opening hours are 10pm until late every Thursday to Sunday, with private corporate bookings Monday to Wednesday.

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