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Milano Launches CH-EAT SHEET For Football Newbies Ahead Of Tournament

Milano is coming to the rescue of non-football fans ahead of this month’s big tournament, with the launch of its game-changing Large Classic Football Ch-EAT Sheet. Offered up for free to football newbies with all* orders of the new delivery-exclusive Large Classic pizzas, the Ch-EAT Sheet allows casual fans to keep their footy-knowledge on-the-ball and avoid feeling left-out of the conversation.

Featuring the rules of the game, as well as common football expressions, the Large Classic Football Ch-EAT Sheet is designed to be sneakily stuck to the inside of your pizza box, so you can impress your mates with unrivalled football knowledge, without them suspecting a thing.  The launch of the Ch-EAT Sheet follows new research by Milano which found that only just over a third (37%) of people believe that they understand all the rules of football.

The Large Classic Football Ch-EAT Sheet will be included for anyone ordering one of the brand’s new and delicious delivery-exclusive Large Classic pizza bundles. The latest addition to the menu, made with double the amount of dough as the brand’s Classic base, is the perfect pizza to share and enjoy with friends and family across the summer of sport.

What’s more, the Large Classic bundles are up to 40% off throughout the tournament, with bundles including:

The survey conducted by Milano revealed that the off-side rule (25%), VAR (Video Assistant Referee) decisions (25%) and referee hand signals (22%) were amongst the top three aspects of the game people don’t understand, with almost three-quarters of people (70%) agreeing that the rules of football are confusing – with nearly half (49%) of us admitting to feeling left-out of the conversation when around our football-fanatic friends.

When it comes to big sporting occasions, the best thing, according to those surveyed, is the atmosphere it creates (55%), with a further majority (54%) agreeing that the social element is often more exciting than the tournament itself, with big sporting occasions bringing over three-quarters (77%) of friends and family together.

Andrew Harrison, Head of Ireland for Milano, said: “With an exciting summer of sport ahead of us, we know that it will be full of social gatherings and celebrations. Our new delicious Large Classic pizza – the ultimate sharing pizza – and the launch of our Football Ch-EAT Sheet are all about bringing people together, and making memories over this momentous summer.”

To better your football knowledge and get your hands on one of the Milano Ch-EAT Sheets – simply order via delivery while stocks last.

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