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Halloween Treats From Your Childhood And Where To Find Them In DublinTown

  • Mon, 3 Oct 2016

Halloween is upon us, time to put the ‘Junk Back in Your Trunk’ after the Summer Season. The DublinTown team understand how difficult it is to find your favourite childhood treats, so we’ve compiled a list of the best places to go to get your Halloween sugar fix.

Mr Simms Old Sweet Shoppe

Mr Simms owns two Olde Sweet Shops in DublinTown, one found at 59 Dame Street and the other in the Ilac Shopping Centre on Henry Street. These two shops offer a diverse selection of vintage treats, which will take you on a nostalgic journey back in time.

mr simmms olde sweet shop

Mr Simms Old Sweet Shoppe stock all the classics. You can only imagine how difficult it was for us to narrow down our favourite – so we didn’t and instead listed a few. Wham Bars, Drums Sticks, Fruit Salads any stretchy bar you can think of, they’ve got it.

nerds marshmellow cereal halloween

Toxic Waste triggered memories, the bitter sour overload of sugar in your mouth made this one hard to forget.  Our top two childhood treats were Nerds and The Tom & Jerry Candy Sticks. When you enter this shop, you’ve gone to Sugar Heaven!

Dunnes Stores

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful to indulge, Dunnes Stores has you covered. They may not sell the novel treats, but you can always rely on them to fill up your Trick or Treat Bag with the basics. Dunnes Stores is located in The Ilac and The St Stephen Green Shopping centres.


Flumps, Mini burgers, Freddo Bars and all the Haribo flavours, Dunne Stores stock them all for a great bargain.

We couldn’t leave out the Trick or Treat Bag essentials, Oranges, Monkey Nuts and of course The Raisin Boxes. They may not be our most cherished Halloween memory, but it wouldn’t be Halloween without them.

nuts monkeynuts halloween

Cancel your dentist appointments, It’s going to be a Sugary Month! To read more on our Halloween Tales follow @DineInDublin and @DublinTown for updates.