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Vintage fashion in #DublinTown

  • Mon, 5 Sep 2016

Guest Post: This blog post was written by Sarah Hayes from

Vintage fashion, the words that have become synonymous with today’s generation of fashion obsessed teenagers and young adults as standing out from the crowd. Style and fashion are things that regularly stay the exact same going from season to season however, it’s the repetition of trends that never go too far away from our wardrobes. No matter where you turn in 2016 the word ‘vintage’ creeps up in some shape of form.


In Dublin we are so fortunate to have so many different boutiques and stores selling vintage garments and recycled pieces! Having the choice of dressing from different eras, decades and trends has truly become the norm. In the Creative Corner of Dublin Town, you will find the quirkiest places that not only sell clothes but sell the story of the clothing along with it.

The Retro Shop located in Georges Arcade is the perfect example of what true vintage is! From the moment you step through their doors you’ll get lost just like Alice in Wonderland. They truly have opened the playing field of what you can achieve as a fashionista through vintage! The Retro shop specialise in reproduction vintage dresses from the 1940s and 1950s so you most definitely will stand out from the crowd in one of their dresses!


For me, the reason why I fell so in love with vintage is because it’s so different and playful! It’s nice to venture off the path of trends and brands to just have a play with different textures and patterns. Vintage is so classic and timeless, whether you’re channelling your inner Marylyn Monroe or simply searching for that bomber jacket from the 80s, it really caters to everyone’s fashion needs.


When I thrift through the rails of a vintage store, I look for the pieces that I know others won’t have in their wardrobes and can’t replicate from the high street. I love to find a good t-shirt with graphics on it from the 90s teamed with funky patterned pants! Vintage just gives you that authentic change from the run of the mill skinny jeans that I feel you can’t find in a high street store!

So go on, visit a vintage store near you and just play with vintage fashion! Channel you’re inner Aubrey Hepburn or Rock Chick with something completely different, you won’t be disappointed!

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