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Dublin Fringe Festival 2023

Dublin Fringe Festival is a curated, multidisciplinary arts festival and a year-round artist support organization. We create a framework for artistic risk, offering opportunities for artists to challenge and invigorate their practice, and extend the possibilities of what art can be. We seek out and present contemporary, playful and provocative new work made by Irish and international artists of vision in an annual celebration all over the city.

This year the focus is on city limitless: drawing a new map of the city where there is space for everyone. Tracing a line of collectivism, joy, care and beauty. There’s a future to be drawn. The festival artists shape this new potential, and they don’t stay within the lines.

For artists, Dublin Fringe Festival facilitates opportunities to innovate, to push boundaries and strengthen the conditions in which they work. We champion artistic risk, ambition and excellence across art forms. We offer support, resources and professional development to the vibrant community of Irish independent artists. Our year-round FRINGE LAB resource hub provides thousands of artists with a space to experiment and hone their skills.

For audiences, Dublin Fringe Festival is about discovery. The festival programme stimulates curiosity and creates memorable encounters that enthral and embolden audiences. We make space for artists to use the city as a canvas and create performances in conversation with the times we live in. The festival plays a vital role in Dublin’s cultural life, extending the possibilities of what art can be and where it happens. The scale and environment of the festival welcomes new audiences, attracting loyal aficionados and newcomers every September.

From form-busting theatre productions, electric dance performance, immersive installations to epic party nights out, every event is curated to ignite your mind and leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Dublin Fringe Festival 2023 tickets on sale now. 
You can view a digital copy of the current brochure below.

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