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Cocktails Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

  • Thu, 28 Jul 2016

Ever wanted to take your cocktail on the go? Balfes is now serving POPS: the world’s first alcohol-based Champagne and Bellini popsicles!  

Balfes, located in the heart of Dublin’s Creative Quarter, is serving up an exclusive treat this summer. Guests can now complement their dish with the arrival of POPS, premium ice popsicles in Champagne, Bellini, Strawberry & Mint or Apple & Elderflower. There’s even a limited edition flavour, Moscow Mule, that’s exclusive to Balfes!

Pops Balfes

An array of celebrities have even enjoyed them including Miley Cyrus, Jonathan Ross, Kate Moss, Gordon Ramsay, Alan Carr, Jack Whitehall, Example, Andy Murray and many more.

Pops Balfes

Balfes offers a POPS ‘to-go’ option too for those who wish to take a leisurely stroll through the Creative Quarter after a scrumptious brunch, lunch or casual dinner at Balfes.

Prices start from €6 for alcohol-based flavours and €4 for the alcohol-free popsicles. A Champagne, Bellini and Moscow Mule bundle of three costs €17.

Pops Balfes

Be sure to pop by Balfes for this summer treat and share your best popsicle photos with us on Twitter and Instagram using #DineInDublin!