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Cobblers and Shoe Repair Shops in Dublin City

  • Tue, 19 Mar 2019

There’s one thing you can’t leave the house without and that’s your shoes! We all have them, but do we all take care of them?

If like some of us here in the DublinTown headquarters you have more shoes than you know what to do with and some are in desperate need of a repair so they can be loved again, then you need to read on!

Cobblers and shoe repair shops in Dublin city are the answer to our shoe problem. If you are on the look out for a re-heel or a shoe fix, here’s some shoe repair shops you need to know about so you can restore your beloved footwear.

Bryan Cobblers, Talbot Street

Based in the heart of the city centre and they have more than our feet covered. Along with shoe, leather and bag repairs, they will cut your keys, dry clean your clothes and alter your threads. This is a your one stop shop for all those little jobs we need done!

Timpson Shoe Repair, Ilac Centre

While shopping in the Ilac Centre, you can drop off your shoes to be fixed or get a new key cut for the neighbour to mind. The team in Timpson Shoe Repair are always happy to restore your shoe and do it at a fast pace.

Italian Heel Bar, South Anne Street

When it comes to reviving your leather goods, you can’t go wrong with the Italian Heel bar. Experts in leather goods, your leather shoes are in good hands with the team in this city centre cobblers.

Jervis Hub, Jervis Shopping Centre 

It may be a small space but it’s got big experience in quality shoe repairs. The team give only the best and their attention to detail is the reason they get back many satisfied customers.

The next time you look in your wardrobe or under the bed and see those shoes you wore to bone, take them out and bring them to one of these shoe repair stores so you can give them the love they deserve again!