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6 Outdoor Foodie Venues In Dublin

  • Tue, 4 Apr 2017

Sunglasses season is getting closer and closer, so we thought we’d narrow down our top 10 outdoor settings to grab a well deserved treat and people watch in the city.

1.Clement & Pekoe

A neighborhood café located on the bustling South William Street, Clement & Pekoe specialise in all things tea & coffee. Not only do they sell it, they brew it, talk about it and of course consume it. This café is one of the best places to pop into for a morning fix or an evening wind-down to watch the world go by from their gorgeous outdoor seating deck, slap bang in the middle of South William Street.


2. The Church

A family owned and run Irish business this historic renovated church is one of the North sides top scenic locations to sit back relax and enjoy watching the crowds of Mary and Jervis Street. Whether it is tea or coffee, dinner or dessert it is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.


3. Pepper Pot – Powerscourt Centre

One of our favourite places to grab a treat is the Pepper Pot café. This café caters to every daily craving from homemade bagels to salads to tasty seasonal tarts they have it all. And where better to enjoy your treats on a sunny Dublin afternoon than the famous steps of the Powerscourt centre.


4. Póg

Póg have created the perfect balance between health and indulgence. For the health conscious person that still would like a treat without feeling guilty. All products are fat free, Gluten free, low GI and low in sugar . A great place to spend time with friends and watch the passing crowds of Bachelors Walk.


5.The Bailey

One of the city’s busiest bar & restaurants, it is the ultimate spot to sit outside on a sunny day. Whether you are just in for a quick bite at lunch time or hitting The Bailey for that well deserved class of wine on a Friday evening, they cater to all. Even when the sun goes in the outdoor heaters turn on and blankets are dispersed. The Bailey knows how to people watch in style.



6. Pyg Malion

If you haven’t had after work cocktails or pints in the outdoor seating area of Pyg, do yourself the favour and tick this off your list asap!


A knockout for drinks and people watching, Pyg Malion is set in the lane-way beside Powerscourt Townhouse on South William Street. Ideal for after work drinks, the seating area is adorned with homely sitting room furniture perfect for a big group and smack bang in the middle of people watching alley!

Don’t forget to share pics of your outdoor nibbles, treats & drinks using the #DineInDublin!