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10 of the Best Cocktail Hotspots in the Grafton Quarter

  • Wed, 16 Mar 2016

Let’s be honest, we all love a good cocktail from time to time and the times have certainly come a long way from Blue Lagoon’s and Sex on the Beach. The Grafton Quarter is bursting at the seams with inspiring cocktail creations which push the imagination and delight the taste buds. Read on to learn what the Grafton Quarter has to offer.

In recent years the cocktail industry has exploded in Dublin City centre and we are now spoilt for choice. Mixologists left and right are shaking it up and raising the bar in cocktail creation.


Harrys is an award-winning York-style cocktail bar. Their artful cocktail menu is handcrafted by 12 champion cocktail mixologists and provides you with over 90 to choose from.

Try: Si Senorita – El Jimador tequila, orgeat syrup, lime juice, fresh mint leaves, pear liqueur, gomme and apple juice.


The Porter House Central, Nassau street


The Porterhouse is a favourite amongst craft beer lovers but they also have a reliable cocktail menu to go with it. It’s not all Cosmopolitans and Daiquiris though – read the menu for some interesting surprises.

Try:  Kerry Donkey – Dingle Distillery vodka, squeeze of lime, spoonful of raspberry and vanilla jam topped with ginger ale.


Peruke and Periwig, Dawson street


Home to the Best Irish Cocktail 2015, Peruke and Periwig has an extensive cocktail list named ‘Around the World in 80 Cocktails’. Have fun reading the imaginative names on the menu whilst chilling out in one of their two lounge areas.

Try: The East India Trading Company – Plymouth sloe gin, P&P Earl Grey infused cointreau, sea salt, Ceylon Arrack, dandelion and burdock bitters, lemon, sugar, whites.


Captain Americas, Grafton street


Captain Americas has had a loyal following since opening on Grafton Street in 1971 and believes in providing value for money. Due to this their cocktail menu is usually a hit with the students but definitely has something for everyone.

Try: Passion Punch – Absolut vodka, peach schnapps, apple juice and Finest Call passion fruit puree.


37 Dawson Street, Dawson street


37’s is another favourite of Dawson Street and boasts not only great cocktails but a luxurious whiskey bar tucked away at the back of the building. They host both cocktail making and whiskey tasting classes.

Try: Deep South Smash – Southern Comfort churned with peach, apple, lemon and mint. Served ice cold with a refreshing sweetness.


Lemon & Duke, Royal Hibernian Way, Duke Lane Upper


Lemon & Duke is another hotspot in the Grafton Quarter area. Drop in and enjoy a quirky concoction list made up of a variety of fresh produce and ingredients. From classics to modern twists, Lemon & Duke do it right every time.

Try: Cherry Popcorn Sour – Jameson, Amaretto, Lemon Juice, Whites and Popcorn Syrup!


TGI Friday’s, St Stephen’s Green


TGI Friday’s have always had an extensive cocktail list. Choose from their stylish martinis, beach bar favourites or Latin desire selections, to name a few.

Try: Bahama Mama – Malibu coconut rum, Bacardi rum, banana liqueur, grenadine, pineapple and orange juice.


Café en Seine, Dawson street


Voted Dublin’s 2015 City Bar Of The Year, this spot claims to have the largest drinks menu in Dublin. Sit back and relax in the Parisian vibes whilst enjoying a cocktail from their classic menu.

Try: Thyme Traveller – Thyme infused tequila, green apple liqueur, vanilla syrup and a drop of white wine vinegar.


The Bailey Bar, Duke street


The Bailey Bar is the perfect place for people watching as it is located adjacent to the hustle and bustle of Grafton street. Why not sit back and sip your cocktail as you watch the world go by.

Try: Hugo – Elderflower liquor, prosecco, mint and soda.


Fire Lounge Cocktail and Wine Bar, Dawson street


The guys at Fire Lounge believe socialising at their venue is an experience, complete with refined elegance and subtle luxury. Can’t decide on a cocktail? Their mixologist will be more than happy to make recommendations based on your taste preference.

Try: Raspberry and Honey Smash – Fresh raspberries gently muddled with homemade honey syrup, a generous glug of home-infused vanilla vodka and topped with Galliano.

So where are you heading this weekend?