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8 best healthy places for lunch in Dublin town

  • Tue, 27 Sep 2022

Are you trying to find places to eat well? There is, after all, nothing better than feeling satisfied after a meal while also knowing that we are looking after our bodies and health. Right?

To support you in continuing or starting a healthy eating practice even when dining out, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 restaurants in Dublin City Centre, both on the north and south sides.

Brother Hubbard 

153 Capel St, North City

They serve up a lip-smacking Middle Eastern-inspired menu, entirely from scratch. The food is designed to offer nourishment and pleasure, and above all, you should feel better for having had it.


19-20 Wicklow St, South City

Wholefood vegetarian restaurant with a focus on using only organic and locally sourced ingredients. All types of diets, including vegan, sugar-free, celiac, and raw living, are catered. One of the best venues for healthy eating all day long.

Sprout & Co

19 Exchequer St, South City

It’s Irish Seasonal Kitchen. Their ingredients are as fresh as you can get, and fresher means better tasting. With the Create Your Own menu, you can create the high-quality, fresh produce of your choosing.  Wholesome cuisine prepared quickly!

KC peaches Café

Nassau Street, South City

Natural and local seasonal foods are available to buy or eat in the cafe. Good variety of fresh, healthy food and tasty desserts!


Unit 2 Lower Liffey Street, North City

Fresh, Healthy & Delicious Hawaiian Poké. Ahi Tuna, salmon or chicken poké bowls along with vegan and vegetarian options. They only use fresh premium ingredients all sourced locally where possible.


83 Middle Abbey St, North City

Govinda’s provides a tasty, freshly prepared menu with many options to cover everyone’s tastes. All food is pure vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options.

Umi Falafel

13 Dame St, South City

Here is where you want to be if you want healthy falafel. These delicious croquettes are made fresh everyday, are entirely vegetarian, and are packed with protein. Try them alone, in a wrap, or alongside a salad.


Henry St, North City

Chopped is eager to provide you with quick-served, wholesome, and fresh meals. Their goal is to provide you with quick, enjoyable ways to include healthy eating options into your busy day.