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6 Best Places To Go For Pancake Tuesday

  • Mon, 16 Feb 2015
It’s Pancake Tuesday this Tuesday the 17th.

Traditionally it is the last day before 40 days and 40 nights of fasting, therefore it is considered completely acceptable to make an animal of yourself and eat 12 pancakes in one sitting because it’s going to be slim pickings from hereon in.

We here at ‘Dine in Dublin’ have compiled a list of the best places to go to get your pancake fix and set yourself up nicely for the hard slog ‘til Easter.

1) The Metro Cafe

The Metro Cafe is a popular spot on South William Street. It’s a people watching paradise that offers great grub including the humble pancake. You can go savoury or sweet. If you want to really set yourself up for the day might I suggest the savoury option, also known as ‘The Metro Special?’ It offers fluffy pancakes with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon served with maple syrup and relish. It’s fluffy, crispy, eggy heaven on a plate!

2) Lemon Crêpe & Coffee Co.

LemonSugar-Pancake-BorrowedLightc-01(pp_w684_h1026)Lemon on South William Street & Dawson Street has been, in their own words, “Spinning out crepes and pulling great coffee since 1999.” It is what you might call, Dublin’s Pancake House and won’t disappoint you if it’s pancakes you’re hankering for! It has an array of savoury and sweet pancakes and crepes to choose from, but why not go for the good ol’ traditional lemon, sugar and butter combo. It’s a classic for good reason!



3) Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencers is always good for some delicious and convenient food, and you can always count on it come P Day (that’s right I abbreviated) for some store made, take home pancakes. Pop in, pick some up, bring them home and tell everyone at home you made them.


4) Pog

pancakes_berries_breakfast_maplesyrupPóg on Bachelor’s Walk offers everything form frozen yogurt to salads. It also does a stellar pancake, but not just any pancake, a protein pancake. Get all the joy of indulging in pancakes, but with less of the carb guzzling guilt that comes with regular pancake consumption.



5) Taste Cafe

Pancakes are nothing without some dressing. Taste Café knows this and it offers a condiment box with each of its servings of pancakes. The box contains maple syrup, Nutella, salted caramel and lemon curd. For an extra euro you can throw in some bacon and really get the pancake party started.


6) Balfes

For the day that is in it Balfes will be dishing up pancakes for breakfast. These will include blueberry pancakes with maple syrup or if you’re looking for a healthier kick, they have Balfes’ signature gluten free, oat pancakes, which will be served with fresh berries and agave nectar. If you miss breakfast, fear not as they will be serving pancakes à la sugar and lemon all day.





So there you have it. A list, but by no means a definitive list, of where to meet your pancake needs in Dublin this Pancake Tuesday.