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4 Places to Buy Christening Outfits in Dublin

  • Tue, 5 Jul 2016

Need to know where to buy a christening outfit or baby-naming gown in Dublin? Well then keep on reading! When a baby is born, it’s often tradition for families in Dublin to celebrate the birth of their child by having their child christened to start their religious journey or having a baby naming ceremony that welcomes their newborn without any religious connections.

Either way, this celebration will see parents, soon-to-be god-parents, aunties or uncles begin the task of finding a special outfit for the family sprog!

Here is a list of five places in Dublin where you are guaranteed to find a traditional gown or outfit for baby’s special day.

Freckles, Liffey Street Upper

A favourite for occasion and communion wear, Freckles also has a vast range of christening gowns, outfits and all the little accessories needed to complete baby’s look. Whether you are looking for a traditional look or a more modern twist, going home empty-handed is not an option when you see all they have to offer. From shoes to hats, tights to bibs, there’s so much to choose from!

christening outfits dublin

Marks and Spencers (S) Grafton Street

This multinational retailer has a selection of suits, gowns and dresses. It is also an ideal place to pick up the small essentials that babies can’t live without such as a babygro, a bodysuit, socks and even mittens for the little mites who like to scratch!


christening outfits dublin



Arnotts, Henry Street

Located in the heart of Henry St, Arnotts have a great selection of baby clothes with many different designer brands offering a tasteful variety of occasionwear for all the family including baby’s special day.

christening outfits dublin


Guineys, North Earl Street and Talbot St

For decades, Guineys has helped to dress kids for all occasions – christenings, communions, weddings and more! This store has an assortment of outfits for boys and girls, with accessories to match to make sure they look their best for their big day.

christening outfits dublin

So now you know where to go to find christening and baby naming outfits, why not see where’s a good place to eat with your little or big family!