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15 Alternative Pick Me Ups To Get Through Monday

  • Mon, 19 Jan 2015

If you’re anything like us, it probably took a little bit too long to get out of bed this morning. 

There’s no doubt about it. Mondays are the toughest days of the week. So we’ve put together a list of pick me ups – some small, some large, to start to do today get the ship back on route and away from the iceberg.

1. Be Grateful

greatfulThink how lucky we really are and write a list of ten things that you are truly grateful for, your mood will perk up immediately – think deep not just the obvious.




2. Practice Mindfulness

mindfulnessMake a cup of tea and sit somewhere peaceful and just ‘be’ for ten. Relax, close your eyes, breathe, listen to the sounds, clear the mind, recharge.




3. Walk the Walk

walking-the-walkGo for a walk, and be present. A good old stroll through Dublin Town can clear anyone’s head. Take a look at all there is on offer in our fair city, from buildings to art, see what great little treasures you can find.


4. Hit the Gym

gymWell we all know the benefits of the gym – as they say “Just Fkn Do It” – you know you’ll feel so much better for it, both now and when you’re on the beach. How rewarding is it to feel yourself getting fitter. No pain, no gain.



5. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

kindnessTo help take the focus off yourself, do something kind for a stranger with no reward or praise, be selfless just ‘cause you can 😉




6. Eat Healthy

eat healthyStart small by grabbing some almonds and an apple for this afternoon’s crash, then plan something healthy for dinner, and voila before you know it you’re already sorting out the week’s nourishing meals!

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7. Go Green

gogreenGet a plant for the office to add some colour and life, bring the outside in and help filter pollutants and ozone, great for the stuffy air-conditioned office.





8. Stretch to Yoga

yogaTake a class to unwind and invigorate the body and mind, you will be thankful that you are taking care of yourself without going to the extremes of sloth or boot-camp. The Dublin Holistic Centre has Yoga classes.



9. Open the Curtains

curtainsLet there be light – it’s a fact that natural light increases our mood, reduces SADs and keeps our circadian rhythm happy. Even if it’s freezing out, the sun is still shining up there a lot of the time.



10. Eat the Frog

eat-the-frogPractice eating the frog! By doing the least favourite thing you have to do today first, and the rest will seem a piece of cake, or a piece of frog!



11. Get in the Team Spirit

team spiritOrganise an event with your work colleges such as the Tough Mudder, to build teamwork and test all round strength, stamina and mental grit (also to have a good laugh at each other).


12. Look Forward to something

look fwdPlan something interesting, give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day – ring a friend to meet up for a movie, a chat, a run, some grub, whatever tickles your fancy ….



13. Get Organised

organisingStart small, de-clutter your work desk, you’ll appreciate working in a fresh new space and this may inspire you to tackle the bigger nastier tasks.





14. Design a Routine

routinePut structure in your life, plan a weekly routine so you can add balance to your life and achieve more, which in turn increases happiness.



15. Do the Do

do itDo one thing that you have to do that you have been putting off for AGES. As hard as it is, the sense of accomplishment and head-space will be well worth it.